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RM Leads California

InSOL generates Reverse Mortgage Leads in CA since 2006.

Our reverse mortgage leads in California in other 47 states are 100 percent exclusive with no competition. We generate leads in the form of appointments or referral phone leads.

Appointment generated for Reverse mortgage broker, means that we called on the seniors 62 years old and older and scheduled an appointment for HECM representative to stop by at their home at their and agent convenient time and day and explain them what is a Reverse Mortgage. Usually we do not schedule appointments more than 24 hours in advance (48 hours on Fridays for Monday’s appointments).

Referral Phone Leads:
All our referral phone leads are exclusive just like reverse mortgage preset appointments. Phone lead is a prospect that will be waiting for an agent/broker phone call at specific time to hear about reverse mortgage options or ready to schedule an appointment with representative.

Lead source:
We are using multiple lead sources to generate quality reverse mortgage leads in CA and other states. Lead sources such as: Mailing, Internet leads, cold calling.

Once we schedule an appointment/phone lead for you, you will be given First, Last Name of the prospect, address, phone number, LTV value. Estimated home market value for California usually is $350,000 and higher.