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new_lead_org_reviewsTelemarketing is your best effective marketing tool. Time after time Telemarketing surpasses all other forms of marketing.  Telemarketing is your lucrative asset in which will help you gain a profitable return of investment.

There are many companies that offer average telemarketing senior sales services.  As an Agent in charge of your own business plan you know that Telemarketing is the ultimate marketing tool.  You do not need an average appointment setting service.  You need to choose a company that specializes in creating top notch measure of profitability and customer loyalty.

  • InSOL® is one of the most experienced telemarketing companies that offer many different telemarketing services that you would need to make the most profit. We practical and effective ways to market whatever your business is promoting, such as insurance, home care or mortgage products and services. We currently work with large based FMO’s, Mortgage Brokers and Home Health Care Companies nationwide.
  • Company will qualify and schedule sales appointment meetings for your business.  We not only want your business to grow but we also want to give our customers a high satisfactory and a rewarding customer service experience.  We know when our customers are happy they will place additional orders.
  • We are generate telemarketing sales leads in the form of scheduled appointments or telephone leads for licensed life and health insurance agents, home care agencies, mortgage brokers and other marketing professionals who offers products/services to Seniors who are 60 years old and over.