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Small Business Advertising Ideas

For small businesses, word of mouth marketing might be slow or even non-existent.

For rapid growth, it is important to advertise. Here are 12 tried and tested advertising techniques to effectively grow your business.

1. Yellow Pages
Yellow pages are extensively used by many people to find businesses they’re searching for. Aim for the biggest page you can afford, so you can get maximum visibility.

2. Newspapers and magazines
Local newspapers and magazines offer several specials for advertising that help showcase new businesses. Special interest newspapers and magazines could end up delivering your message to the target audience you desire to reach.

3. Direct Mail and Email Advertising
More people prefer direct mail than telemarketing calls. It’s best to use a targeted mailing list, however if you do not have one, you can still send out your mail targeted to a geographic audience. Similarly, use email lists to stay in touch with and provide repeat business to current customers. Efforts to attract new customers through email might get misinterpreted as spam.

4. Business Cards
Hand out your business cards to every new contact and professional you talk to about your business. It can serve as an effective marketing medium for your small business.

5. Joining Business Organizations and Get Involved in Your Community
By joining business organizations, you can leverage the company’s promotional activities where you can also market your businesses. Often, business organizations offer free promotion on the company’s website or through newsletters. Similarly, you could also host or participate in charity functions or community events to help improve PR.

6. Vehicle Advertising
This kind of advertising makes your business visible. Even if you are not comfortable with custom signs or quad signs that sit on top of your car, pick magnetic signs which you can remove and attach at will.

7. Sending promotional material with invoices
Include schemes like ‘Bring your buddy’ which offers specials or discounts to the referring friend. While sending out invoices, include specials or such offers which could attract more people.

8. Cable TV and Radio advertising
Even if you cannot afford prime time TV advertising, you could still work with cable TV companies to run infomercials that fit in your budget. Similarly, using the radio channel to run ads about your business could be effective while affordable.

9. Bench / Bus stop advertising
You could work with local transit companies to post ads in places like bus stops and trains stations. This would be a good way to reach a wider audience with a single advertisement.

10. Local Website advertising
As more people spend their time online, a good way to advertise to them would be through ads on online websites. Check with local municipalities that post a list of businesses on their website.

11. Trade Show Participation
While participation in bigger trade shows could cause a huge dent in your money bank, you could participate in smaller affordable ones, be seen and get known. Local business associations organize trade shows for specific industries.

12. e-Bay Listings
Another fast and affordable mode of advertising would be to auction at e-Bay. Along with the item being auctioned, you can also advertise your business. Every user viewing the item would also view the ad.

Choose the right combination of advertising tips along with traditional word of mouth advertising to help you grow your business effective.