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Telemarketing Services with InSOL®

InSOL® is a Texas-based company offering individual insurance agents and mortgage brokers in 48 states the best telemarketing services available in the Nation.

Our Telemarketing Services are provided using some of the best call center phone systems known to the industry. It incorporates the use of state-of-the-art technologies through the many senior sales leads generation services provided to clients Nationwide for over 10 years. Our Medicare, final expense leads, Reverse Mortgage Leads and other types of leads generating systems and technology allow us generate high quality telemarketing leads and provide our clients with prospects that are workable and accurately fit the required criteria. Our never ending list of clients includes those in Medicare, health and life insurance fields.

What sets Company even further apart from other telemarketing companies offering similar services is the company’s employment of a database system which is a result of research and development plus data-collecting from our dedicated company personnel. This database system consists of leads that offer perfect matches to the required prospects in the respective industries. This database system is unique to our and only our company alone.

Our company is one of the best of the many Telemarketing companies available in U.S. It is a company that specializes in senior sales lead generation for individual agents and brokers, businesses and corporations of all sizes and nature. Its sales lead generation services are not only effective but are competitively-priced.

We have experience in the lead generating services industry including insurance telemarketing services.

We gained a strong and positive reputation among its clients who are made up of all kinds of businesses; from real estate agents, mortgage brokers, Medicare services, insurance agents and agencies, reverse mortgage brokers to life insurance agencies and many more.

With the kind of experience, proven track record to match our company’s reputation, we have been the obvious choice among all the telemarketing companies offering similar services in the industry. Our expertise in the area is matched by no other. Businesses and corporations requiring effective lead generation through telemarketing no longer need to look any further; InSOL® is a complete Telemarketing Solution for agents and brokers in 48 states with the most competitive rates.