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New Lead Flag, Reverse Mortgage LeadsWe are generating high quality Reverse mortgage leads for brokers in 48 states. Providing Reverse Mortgages to seniors who are eligible and have a need is one of the best markets to be involved in.

Our company’s Reverse Mortgage leads will allow you to promote your Reverse Mortgage program directly to a select target of seniors who are 62 and over.

Targets whom are looking for money to either finance a home improvement, pay off their current mortgage or just to supplement their retirement income. Our prospects may be in financial difficulty and have a sense of urgency in which they will fully benefit a Reverse Mortgage program.  It always feels good to be in a position to be able to assist someone in need.

Reverse Mortgages are trendier than they were since it began in 1990.  These programs are growing steadily and providing vast incomes for Mortgage Brokers. Why you ask?  Since 2008 – 2010 our struggling economy has left many seniors who are on fixed incomes to not be able to pay for their every day expenses.  A Reverse Mortgage is considered in their eyes a rewarding solution.  Another reason why this is so popular today is the home owners make no payments and all interest is added to the lien of the property.

Our callers make your job much simpler by providing you with prospects who have agreed to meet with you and have been qualified.  

  • We generate RM Leads in 48 states. The most popular states where we generate the most Reverse Mortgage Leads are NJ, California, Florida, New York.
  • Our reverse mortgage leads in the form of appointments and referral phone leads have been proven to be of a first rate quality.  We guarantee our leads will meet all qualified specifications needed to ensure a good sales lead for a Reverse Mortgage.
  • You can customize your very own schedule.  We schedule Monday – Saturday between 9:00 – 6:00.  You can pick and choose your own days and hours to run the appointments.  Our brokers are averaging 2-3 appointments per day.
  • All of our calls are recorded for quality and assurance purposes.  Any reverse lead – appointment in which is not verified accurately is replaced.  No questions asked.
  • Our professional callers will ensure equity on the house is 60% or more.  We target home market values of $250,000 and higher.  Our callers also confirm title ownership and they are the primary residence of the property.

Reverse mortgage leads - New LeadWe have been providing RM Leads since 1999.  There is no reason why you should not consider our Reverse leads.  We are available Monday – Friday from 9:00 – 5:00 Central Standard Time.  Pick up the phone and give us a call for more information.