Internet Leads vs. Scheduled Appointment

Published on 04/04/2006 in Marketing

Understand what internet insurance leads are and scheduled appointments. According to our latest reviews the categorization is simple.

There are two types of internet leads, first, those who are ‘exclusive’ and are sold to only one insurance agent. Second, those who are ‘shared’ which mean that up to five insurance agents can have them simultaneously. Either exclusive or shared, the percentage of selling a product to them depends upon the right insurance marketing.

There are various ‘insurance lead programs’ which are working to create for you the potential clients. They display information about your products and goods and capture the potential leads on their web sites. And for this service they charge you a reasonable amount.  These lead generating programs are particularly useful for those agents whose business mainly run on the internet, most of them are health insurance or car insurance agents. Such agents, who might not have any office in real but are in contact with the people all over the country, are the real consumers of this online service. As prevention is better than cure, it is important for these clients to verify the authenticity of such web sites before placing order. It is always wise to cross check a site and compare it with other contemporary web sites in order to omit any shadow of doubt.

General Lines and Medicare Agents

It is interesting to know that people look for those insurance agents who specialize in their particular discipline. For instance, instead of any general insurance agent, an old man would be interested in the agent who solely deals with the senior citizens insurance. If you or your company offers various types of insurance products, it is wise for you to go for the ‘biographical program of creating leads’. This service displays every detail of your product on its web site and captivates the potential candidates.  After having the exclusive leads, you can easily interact with them. More candid interaction will eventually result in a more loyal relationship between you and your client.

It is hard to label a lead as good or bad because your good marketing can even turn a bad lead into an effective buyer and vice versa. Yet one thing must be kept in mind, getting a lead from an internet source is easy but it will not remain useful if you waste too much time before contacting him/her. Do not forget that internet is a fast network and even your exclusive client can turn into a shared one in another web site. Therefore never take too long to contact your potential customer lest you should miss him and a good opportunity to sell your product.

Right Marketing Approach

In insurance the aim should not be selling your goods as it is in all other businesses. It is different because its aim should be to advertise the right product (policy) to the right person instead of raising your number of sale. Those agents, whose only target is to sell their insurance products, are actually tarnishing the image of all insurance agents. If you look at selling your products only, you will neglect all the ethical considerations of business. You don’t have to fool a client rather you need to win him. Tell the details in a truthful but effective manner and leave the rest on the will of the client. If your words are effective enough, the client will come to you automatically. And once you’ve won your client’s heart, it is almost unlikely that you lose him in the way.

Remember you need to be a savior of people who might fall in financial crises. You have to act as a good adviser and a good consultant for their monetary issues. You are telling about the products because it is in their good and not for your benefit. If once this realization is settled in the minds of your clients that you always wish good for them, they’ll be yours for good. Consider all your clients as your relatives, friends and people that you cannot think of. This feeling about your clients will give you an eternal satisfaction with your profession. It is better to lose a client and miss a chance to sell him your products than misguiding and fooling him to buy it on wrong foundations. In a nutshell, Insurance agents must be the well-wishers rather than the selfish people who want a rise in their sales only.