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PACE Related Programs – Part 2

PACE related programs essentially work with health care providers.

These health care providers employ or partner with other health care professionals like doctors, nurses aides, therapists or even social workers to provide the required level of medical and health care to the frail elderly. For their services, these medical professional get reimbursed every month. Their reimbursement rates work on a per month per patient basis. In return for the amount reimbursed, they provide all required health services included transport depending on the requirement. This per month and per member reimbursement amount which is paid out to the medical professionals is also called as per capitation fee.

These types of programs are not for all individuals who are aged 55 or older. They are only for the elderly who are either in a frail state of health or have been incapacitated. They are the people for whom preventive care and promoting health programs makes a different. Many individuals being helped by the PACE programs actually have multiple ailments. Studies show that individuals under PACE have on an average been diagnosed with 7 diagnoses per individual. Cardiac ailments and chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and vascular ailments are among the most common ones which ail the elderly.

These programs have a very strong goal, one that is oriented at keeping the elderly individuals as healthy as they could be. If these individuals are left without any kind of care, it is possible that they would need extensive acute medical care as well as nursing care or hospitalization which can prove to be very expensive. Hence, in order to preempt these expenses, PACE also offers a high level of preventive care like regular health check ups, exercise and recreational programs, programs for monitoring diets, programs to help improve one’s strength etc.

These programs are usually organized in specific locations called PACE centers.

These centers would usually have day health centers, doctors’ offices, nursing care, social service care as well as rehabilitation services on the same location. In addition to medical care, administrative staff would also work from the same site. Depending on their requirements and medical needs, elderly members of the this program initiatives would attend these programs. Some elderly attend very rarely, while some attend all seven days of the week. It majorly depends on their care planning. Planning of medical and health care for the elderly is worked out with the elderly member, care teams that are associated with the elderly as well as family members. On an average, most members step in for their PACE programs about twice a week.

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