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PACE Related Programs – Part 1

Commonly referred to as PACE, Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly is a program that offers all inclusive medical and health services for individuals who are aged 55 years or older.

We are marketing list provider for marketing professionals who are also in a sufficiently delicate state of health to be eligible for nursing home care by the state managed Medicaid program. Services that are provided through PACE include specialized medical care and attention, nursing aides and services at a social level. They also include occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, recreational care etc. as and when required. In addition to direct care, PACE can also include health care services at their homes, any transportation that is health related, any nurses or aide care at home, modification expenses to the home in order to take care of the disabilities. In essence, PACE can cover anything deemed necessary from a medical standpoint, in order to maximize the health of an elderly.

PACE originally came into being in the early ‘70s in San Francisco. The first PACE center was established through R&D funding from the federal government administration. It was based on the British model of the day hospital. Towards the late ‘70s, the facility was expanded to include health and medical care as well as social services for the frail and delicate elderly individuals. It also received waivers from the federal government which thus allowed health insurance plans such as Medicare to reimburse for medical and health related services which were provided at an outpatient basis. In the early ‘80s, inpatient medical and health services were also added to the portfolio. This also included skilled nursing services as well as hospital stays for acute illnesses. Support through the ‘80s has helped develop multiple PACE centers at many more locations. It has also help create and maintain a cross-location database that they can use to track their performance. The PACE model received its name in 1990.