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What is MM List?

The catalog companies purchase or manufacture products; they market and promote these goods and products to prospective buyers. Many catalogs as well as retail marketers have gravitated towards China as a source for purchasing goods and products.

List of consumers to whom the mail order catalogs are sent out are rented from other list brokers or from cooperative companies which maintain databases.

The catalog is published in a manner very similar to a magazine publication. Mail order catalogs can be distributed in various ways. The most common method of distribution is through leveraging the services of the postal service. Alternatively, using the Internet to distribute the mail order catalog is also a very popular mode of distribution.

Supermarkets also often organize mail order promotions. During these promotions, people can send in the product price added to the shipping and handling costs and get products customized for their company. However, certain products will not be available through mail order.
The first mail order catalog when created, also led to the creation of the direct marketing industry. This led to the establishment of a global direct marketing network included everything from mail orders, mailing, telemarketing as well as use of social media networks. By introducing the concept of personalization and individuality, along with the use of the term consumption, the direction of the product market worldwide has been changed. This allows the direct marketing companies today to gain complete control of a consumer’s consumption behavior. Even as complete control is gained, there is total privacy maintained. In today’s world, the main order catalog business and the industry are worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Mail order catalog industry today generates and fetches in over two trillion dollars worth of incremental sales. The mail order catalog industry also supports close to eleven million jobs today, all of which are directly related to or heavily dependent upon the direct marketing industry.

With the advent of technology and the Internet, an organization’s website has become the norm, if a customer wanted to order products or services.

Delivery for these products or services is through mail. However, the term “mail order” does not only mean ordering products over the Internet. The specific concept of ordering products or services over the internet is often referred to as e-commerce. It is also called online shopping. The method by which an order for a product or service is placed over the internet makes all the difference between online shopping and mail ordering. With online shopping, orders are placed through websites.

With mail order business, orders are placed through phone calls or mail order forms. Many mail order businesses also today operate over the internet. Today, because of the rising costs of paper, printing as well as rising postage costs, many mail order catalog vendors like MM List have suspending printing and publishing and have chosen to rely on website ordering only. On the other hand, there are organizations which only provide the option of online ordering for their customers. These organizations have never printed or published physical catalogs. In addition, with technology, there exist applications for tablets and hand held computers which let customers browse all their catalogs online without having to receive one in their mail.

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