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Medicare Sales Leads with New Lead

We provide Medicare leads in the form of pre-scheduled appointments and phone referral leads.

Turning 65 Medicare Leads

Medicare LeadsWe provide Turning 65 Medicare leads to insurance agents working with the sale of Medicare supplement plans. We also provide Turning 65 leads to other insurance sales related professionals who work with elderly citizens who are about to enroll under Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B. We provide T65 leads for all senior citizens who might be 64 years of age or 65 years of age. We provide these leads to agents in 48 states of the US. In some cases, you can even order leads from us grouped by cities.

We accept a minimum order of 20 leads – in the form of scheduled appointments, if they are T65 leads related to senior citizens 64 and 65 years of age. If you need to order leads from us, you can order these leads by territories, or by counties. Up until the point that their desired areas are available to pick, marketing agents can now choose their own desired territory for leads. If you wish to check if the territory you wish to choose is still available, you can navigate to the “Territory Review” hyperlink which is on the right side of the web page. Our experienced appointment schedulers can work with you on a daily basis to generate referral phone leads as well as to setup scheduled appointments with prospective customers.

Our appointment setters make sure that all appointments that they schedule are within 24-48 hours. We usually schedule an average of 3-4 appointment for an agent on any given day. Each of these appointments are scheduled for an average of 1-2 hours. In some cases, insurance agents order even ten appointments or 30-50 referral phone leads for a day. With our well planned pre-scheduled appointments and phone leads, you now get more time to do the thing that you do the best, which is selling! You also end up having to spend minimal time at prospecting. Instead, you simply get referrals.

Diabetic Supplies Leads

For over ten years, we have been able to generate a listing of leads related to diabetic supplies for providers working with diabetic suppliers in 48 states of the US. These leads that we provide to the suppliers are generated by our professional team. Our hi-tech call center staff members contact senior citizens and the elderly who have diabetes and have expressed interest in getting tested for diabetes. The list also includes senior citizens who are interested in managed care for diabetes or interested in receiving testing supplies for diabetes. If you are a supply company or an agency that specializes in the distribution of diabetic supplies, then we can provide you with a list of leads or prospects who have been recorded with our company. We have also already verified their name, phone number, address, city-state-zip etc. We have also asked them a list of questions based on which they were qualified for the leads listing. Through these questions, we find it if they have diabetes. We receive daily feedback from our clients. The leads list we have put together is of senior citizens who have expressed a 90% interest in talking to a supplier providing diabetic suppliers. These individuals would like to know how you can help with their diabetic needs.

New Lead Flag,Home Care Leads, Home Health Care LeadsMany marketing agents and professionals look to telemarketing concepts and leads to help augment their business. We work with marketing insurance agents as well as with companies that provide diabetic supplies. For both these groups, the target market is that of senior citizens or the elderly with special needs. We can help you achieve your sales objectives by providing you with qualified leads for your diabetic suppliers. Our leads are in the form of scheduled appointments and referral phone leads.

Order Process

Once you fill in the Territory review and express your interest about the territory you wish you choose, we check if that is still available or not. As soon as we receive the results, you will be contacted by our Account Manager. We start the process of scheduling appointments once we receive your payment. For your first order with us, we send you the first set of scheduled appointments within 7 business days. If you’re doing repeat business with us, then we send you pre-scheduled appointments within 72 hours. Our emails would be sent out between 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM CST. We send you appointments 12-48 hours before their scheduled appointment times.