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medicare leadsNow you can order quality Medicare leads and sell your Medicare products all year around. 

Here you will find information on quality sales leads in the form of appointments and referral phone leads.

Our Medicare Leads and Turning 65 Leads for insurance professionals in 48 states are generated in the form of spreset appointments, Medicare sales leads from NewLead.Org are 100% exclusive.


Types of Medicare Sales Leads.

For seniors who are eligible for full Medicaid coverage have limited benefits. Company offers agents appointments of seniors who are within an income level of $0 – 15,000.

These prospects qualify to receive Medicaid or qualify for a Medicare Savings Program (M.S.P.). These senior citizens are considered an excellent source of Medicare leads for Dual Eligible leads in the form of pre-set appointments.

Medicare Special Needs Leads.

Additional questions are designed to provide assistance for agents that wish to offer MA Special Needs Plans (S.N.P.s) to Medicare beneficiaries. The callers are trained to verify if the senior is suffering from any one or more of the following chronic illnesses: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure. They also ask if prospects have End Stage Renal Disease (E.S.R.D.) or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (C.O.P.D.). The medical conditions is an example and may be customized per the agent’s request. The caller will make available of a qualified preset appointment or phone lead to increase your chance of selling a Medicare special needs policy!

Also offering Medicare Supplement Leads.

Company provides medicare Sales Leads in the form of appointments for licensed agents nationwide. These leads are designed for agents that assist senior citizens 65 years and over to choose a plan that is beneficial to them. Company verifies their Medicare eligibility (Medicare Part A and Part B) and have income levels that are in the range of $0 – $30,000 and higher. Qualified schedules appointments for Medicare Supplement plan sales are what you need!

Our dual eligible leads, turning 65 leads and other types of medicare leads are exclusive with no competition. Get dual eligible leads today.

No more cold calling.Sample of Medicare Leads
No more selling to your relatives and friends.
Leads are fresh and in Real Time.
Pick your own territory, days and hours to work.
All leads DNC compliant.
No Long Term or Short Term Contracts.
Do not pay telemarketers per hour.
Additional/Custom health filters are also available.

Two types of Turning 65 Medicare Leads are available.
1. Seniors Age range 64-65.
2. Date of Birth range.

EXAMPLE (Seniors who have date of birth between 07/1949 – 10/1949).

All our telephone conversations with seniors are recorded for quality and training purposes.
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