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Marketing lists for home care providers that New Lead® provides have different filters and confines.

Within the confines of an individual’s own home, long term care is known as home health care. Home health care can also include a variety of medical services and therapies such as drug therapy, physical therapy etc. It could also include services such as renovation or home improvements designed to make day to day living easier and more comfortable for the individual. These medical and health related services under home health care are to be ordered by doctors and physicians. The expenses related to these services may or may not be covered by the health insurance plans or the long term care coverage depending on the country as well as the established health care system.

On the other hand, home care can also be of the informal kind if it is provided by members of the family.

This could also include friends of the individual or friends of the family as well as any volunteers. In the US, studies peg informal home care to be provided in 90% of the cases where home care is required. Most of informal care happens without any kind of compensation to the help providing members.

As life expectancy increases in most countries and more people live longer than the average age during earlier years, more and more individuals are now also entering an age span where they are bound to require care in their senior years. Also, because of medical advancements birth rates are also increasing substantially. At a global level, 70% of the senior individuals stay in lower or middle income nations. It is obvious that nations and health care providing systems will need to come up with innovative methods and ways of sustenance that will help to cope with the shifts within demographics. Studies have also shown that the shifts in demographics are also causing pattern shifts in social behavior leading to more nuclear families, changes in residential patterns as well as an increase in females joining the labor force. All these factors cause an increase in paid health care.

In a large number of nations, large number of senior individuals requiring long term care still depend largely on informal home health care or medical and health services which are provided by caregivers who are largely unpaid.

In the United States, long term care is usually paid for by a combination of health insurance payment sources including but not limited to personal finances paid by family members, Medicaid health insurance benefits, insurances plans for long term care as well as federally funded Medicare plans. It can also include self-funding or out of pocket expenses. However, this can exhaust once the individual starts requiring a higher level of medical attention or requires home health care. The individual may also have to get admitted to a residential facility. For many individuals, the self-funding is only a transit period. Personal funds of a person can be difficult to handle and medical expenses are difficult to budget for. These individuals eventually look to Medicaid to cover their medical and health care related expenses.

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