Home Marketing Article 1 About Marketing List for Long Term Care Providers

Article 1 About Marketing List for Long Term Care Providers

Long Term Care refers to a multitude of medical and health services that are provided to individuals who suffer from chronic illnesses or disabilities and cannot take care of themselves or tend to day to day activities over a long period of time.

Long Term Care can include both medical needs of the individual as well as non-medical needs of an individual.

Long Term care often also includes custodial care as well as non-medical or non-skilled care. These may include day to day activities such as cleaning, bathing, using the restrooms etc. Over the years, long term care has also started involving provisions for a level of health care that requires skilled medical professionals to help with chronic ailments that usually ail the elderly. Long term care can be made available for someone at their home, within a community, within assisted living nursing facilities or even in skilled nursing facilities. Even though long term care is most commonly required by the elderly, it can be required by individuals of any age.

Long term care can be of both the formal kinds as well as the informal kinds. Nursing homes or medical facilities that provide long term care also offer residential accommodation for individuals requiring supervised medical care all 24 hours of the day. This could also include other services like health and medical services, personalized care, meals, laundry facilities etc. Nursing homes, personal care nursing facilities, residential continued care facilities could all be providers of long term care.