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Mailing Lists, Telemarketing Lists – Part 2

The success of a marketing campaign largely depends on the demographics of the target audience.

Take for example a business that sells a hair re-growth product. If you were to find a list that contains names and addresses of people who have been in the market for such products, who conduct Internet searches, who are worried that they’re losing hair and might go bald or Alopecia victims, then it’s almost as if you have discovered a priceless treasure. In such cases, spending a little extra on postage for that target audience would be a small price to pay in return for the anticipated benefit. By choosing targeted direct mailing lists, you can even tailor the message to suit the recipient by using window envelopes where you can print their names and addresses, by signing mailers with genuine hand-written signatures, by sending personalized emails which show prospective buyers that you’re genuinely interested in helping them! None of these can be implemented in our Company.

However, if you have a landscape designing business or if you specialize in yard antiques, then you probably only want to get targeted custom direct mailing lists and market your business to people who own homes not rent apartments that have neither front lawns nor back yards. If you were to employ by the Company then you would only end up wasting time, money and effort.

An MSP should also advise his clients against flooding in-boxes and mailboxes with mailers and marketing messages because more messages do not translate to more responses. Instead marketing strategies should be well thought of, should adjust for contingencies and most importantly, be cost effective. The most important tip an MSP can give his client is pick the target audience carefully. Simply using a shotgun approach will not get you great responses. Even if New Lead® is chosen as the mode of communication, one needs to do a minimum amount of homework to ensure that the approach works. It’s a good idea to study your target audience, research shopping habits, understand demographics and then be able to appeal to those. This will help you mold your mailer to target a specific section of your audience even if you were to go the Company route.

  • With the right amount of research, you can find mailing lists designed to target every kind of topic-oriented audience – be it religion, different hobbies, politics, science, education and so on. However, if your business is only affected by geography then there is no need to cater to a target audience. The entire community becomes your target audience.
  • At the end of the day, a proper cost benefit analysis can help you decide which way to go. As an MSP, if you can help your client make the right decisions on deciding a good marketing strategy and help his business succeed, then you would be able to reap the benefits for your business as well, because even in business, what goes around certainly comes around!