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6 Crazy Marketing and Sales Ideas that Make a Perfect Sense.

The term outrageous is not used to attract attention of the readers only; it is rather used because of the underlying essence of these tips. The purpose of writing this article is to draw salespersons’ attention towards those marketing ideas which were never noticed before. Nowadays our clients have become more demanding therefore it has become imperative for us to critically review our principles in order to ensure improvement. If we are to sell something, we need to make ourselves better salesperson by following certain tips. Some instances are as follows.

1.      Be collaborative instead of talking high

We must not brag very high about our products. We only need to describe our products and services normally. Orthodox businessmen always motivate us to prepare a boosting speech, so that we repeat the exact speech in front of every client.

But this type of speech is not that good, because it is mainly used for the description of company itself and not for the benefit of clients. Its orientation is not right.

We only require conducting a well-organized talk with our clients to help them solve their problems in order to win their trust. The positive discussion helps us as well as our client to move in a right direction. This shift of focus from company’s interest to clients’ interest will surely increase the products’ sales.

2.      No proposals

 Secondly, we must give away the idea of presenting proposals for the exact planning of our tasks ahead. Instead we should invoke discussion and then organize some points through collaborative efforts of all company employees. All people would agree on these up to date and accepted points. So these basic ideas would then form the basis of your company’s success.

 3.      Leave behind your selling

Salesmen are not able to sell enough, because instead of asking about the clients’ needs, they just present their products to their clients. As a result, the clients reject their products.

The success of the renowned companies is based on the principle of collaborative communication with their clients. They provide excellent services to their clients, even if they are buying some low-price product.

4.      Avoid making calls for sales

 We must make disturbing calls to customers for our product sale. Many clients don’t like this method of imposition.

For instance, if we attend that call, the salesperson immediately asks for a meeting for their product sale. They don’t even bother to ask about our needs or desires. In fact, such salespersons employ these useless methods to attract the people, but instead they waste their precious time and services, as this technique has become outdated now. We need to present our best skills instead of our products these days.

 5.      Help and then sale

We usually think that sales are important only for our company, but it is also true for the customers, as they buy at the risk of their money. So they demand complete surety about the product they are buying. Every businessman is aware of this situation, and it will remain the same. It means we may need to give free things at first for marketing.

It’s the time to review your strategies. You have to change your behavior to gain the confidence of your clients. For instance, you have to offer free product to a client for specific time, if they show hesitation in buying the given product. It will surely develop a bond between you and your client.

But if you find it difficult or impossible then you have to devise some techniques to overcome the barriers.

6.      Support your clients

Clients are usually neglected in this era of companies’ own publicity. But if focus is on getting healthy recognition, then sales will definitely be high. One strategy is to nominate a client for some prize. It is just to take a healthy start of your business, and to assure the clients about your customer caring attitude. You can also publish the success story of your client in some recognized journal. As a result, your own company becomes valuable for clients.

The above mentioned six ideas do not meant for the negation of any past marketing principles. They are just to act differently, to get serious attention of the people.