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Exclusive Final Expense Leads – Appointments/Phone Leads

Our exclusive final expense leads are fresh and in real time with InSOL® (Appointments and Referral Phone Leads).

Final expense leadsOur Final expense leads generated with seniors 50-79, who is looking for final expense plan.  These seniors are interested to speak with insurance professional about options available to them.

We have more than a decade of experience in the generation of final expense leads (whole life insurance leads). We have many satisfied clients as a proof of their high quality service and ability to produce excellent and unique leads for each customer. Our specific method of working includes monitoring all calls which could, based on the client’s policy standards, include some extra filtering.

Tips on how to become a successful final expense insurance specialist.

You could follow to be a really successful final expense specialist if you follow these 6 tips.

  •    How to meet people?
    If your prospects turn out to be within an hour’s drive, regardless of whether you’re home or conducting sales of final expense insurance in other parts of the country, you should drop by at your prospects. Never call ahead. You can always show them the number of leads you have been working on, mention that you have researched the information they had requested for and that you have a quote for them. Let’s say you have an average of 25 life insurance leads a week, and can manage only a dozen drive-by stops every day, working five days in a week, you can probably get into a dozen homes a week, sell to half of those homes and end up with 4-8 submitted applications weekly.

The best part is, you would have provided those families some help. Of course, on some days you might not be able to make 10 stops per day, but you may still make up for it during the week.

  • No more cold calling.fe leads sales final expense leads generation
  • No more selling to your relatives and friends.
  • Leads are fresh and in Real Time.
  • Pick your own territory, days and hours to work.
  • All leads DNC compliant.
  • No Long Term or Short Term Contracts.
  • Do not pay telemarketers per hour.
  • Additional/Custom health filters are also available. 

Our exclusive final expense leads generated for insurance agents with seniors 50-75. Our final expense leads fresh and in real time, no long term contracts.

All our telephone conversations with seniors are recorded for quality and training purposes.
We accept all types of payments.

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