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All our final expense leads are 100 percent exclusive and affordable and generated within 24 hours from the appointment time.

Quality final expense leads generation and appointmentsFinal expense leads are people are actually interested in learning about your services and want to know what options are available to them. With our leads, you will be able to meet your potential clients in person. This offers you greater leverage in finalizing sales and adds a personal touch to the marketing campaign. Our friendly and educated staff will help screen the prospects so that you are prepared for your appointment as much as possible. 


Final expense Leads – Exclusive Appointments

Quality and exclusive final expense leads in general can be difficult to find. Luckily, our company has made it our specialty.  We offer preset appointments and telecommunication sales leads in 48 states. We do not produce generic leads like many other companies; instead our leads are quality leads that will more often than not result in greater sales for your campaign.

We also have a special referral program that offers you FREE leads if you refer other agents to our company. When referring others to our services, you will still be receiving your own you unique lead just as the referral will receive leads that are unique. We take pride in offering these unique and quality exclusive leads. This is why we have been successful and why you will find success in using our company for your marketing needs.