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Enhance interaction with clients and prospective buyers

When you try to sell a product to an e-mail address you got off a rented/bought distribution list, chances are the recipient does not know you and will assume that you are a spammer.

In addition to not considering the product, he could cause more harm by letting others know about your spam emails. Approach prospects personally. With existing clients, do not always call with the intent of a sale. Calling them from time to time to inquire about their well being will go a long way in helping you grow. It will also help you obtain appreciative testimonials influencing more prospects. Your business should reflect your personality.

1. Know your strengths and weakness.

Of all the marketing activities you carry out, zero in on the ones you are good at. Writing a marketing email is easy, but who do you see bringing in more responses? A specialist copywriter or an amateur? Similarly, identify activities that do not work for you and eliminate those from your schedule.

2. Provide Unparalleled Customer Service

Being known in the industry for the exceptional customer service you provide will boost your reputation and ensure that existing clients come back to you for more business. It will also help in establishing new clients. Invest in marketing your USP. Prospective buyers are more likely to approach you if they believe that your service is unique compared to others. Build a reputation that would drive top companies to approach you for advice. The more beneficial your service, the harder it would be for clients to walk away.

3. Think Outside-The-Box

Blindly follow traditional practices of by your competitor will lead to your mails getting lost in the clutter. Inspect other industries for inspiration. Encourage word-of-mouth publicity and remember to feed worthwhile information to spread the word. Look towards professionals from other industries to procure new clients. Having access to thousands to legitimate contacts, people like accountants and bank managers can help by putting you in touch with new prospects. Study the most successful people in your industry and learn from them. Your “Eureka” moments could strike you at any time of the day. To make sure you don’t forget them, record them on your phone, a notepad or a voice recorder for later use.

4. Leverage technology

To help prospective clients find you easily, ensure that your website is Search Engine Optimized. Get an expert to work on your website and incorporate a contact form requiring minimal information, so that when prospects find you, they find your website enticing enough to want to call you. Find out what happens when someone ‘Google’s your name. Many buyers check out a supplier on the Internet before engaging them. Harvest the power of blogs and social networking to spread the word.

5. Learning is a journey

Do not wait for things to “slow down” before you can concentrate on marketing. Enroll in a training course or purchase a book or an audio program which teaches you how to handle incoming inquiries more effective. The initial returns might not seem worth it, but over a period of six months, you will see the returns grow. Save copies of any marketing material which might have appealed to you and pick up best practices which you can apply in your business. Ensure that you gather information from dependable sources which help to improve your business and do not end up damaging it.

6. Know your preferred clientele

When addressing a large group or distribution list, word your messages to target your preferred clientele. Leaving it open ended to appeal to all kinds will only dilute the message. Your aim is to motivate and convince people to respond.

7. Quality Over Quantity

Avoid temptations to build a large network because a majority of those contacts would lack influence and reach. A small network of well-connected, established professionals in the community will be more effective.

8. Mail/E-mail Etiquette

Always include your contact details in mails and e-mails. An authentic handwritten signature on marketing letters will add that extra zing. Stay away from address labels. Using window envelopes which show names and addresses increases the probability of them being opened and read.

9. Dos and Donts

Do not let your contacts become aware of tough times if your business isn’t doing well or it’s an usually quiet time of the year. You will stand the risk of hurting your business more as it’s a natural tendency to stay away from dying businesses. Avoid typical marketing jargon. Also remember that clients hate negotiations. If you try to negotiate too much or try to persuade and pester them, you might end up driving them away.