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Social Media Marketing

Based on the latest New Lead reviews Social Media Marketing is often ill-construed and compared to billboards filled with advertisements that only work for consumer products in broad demographics.

latest reviewsBut Insurance Marketing works differently. While big suppliers use advertising methods to appeal to a wider clientele, insurance agents market their services through word of mouth publicity and direct marketing.

This misconception is often the reason as to why insurance agents believe that social media networking like Facebook or Twitter cannot help in influencing their target audience. However, a closer look reveals that social media networking in turn relies on the same marketing practices that an insurance agent chooses which is why it is imperative that insurance agents realize the tremendous potential of social media networking and the role it can play in growing their business. Let’s look into how the three main social media networks can work for you.

1. The Power of the Blog

The world of digital marketing thrives on the power of the word. Blogs can be a huge help in promoting your business as they can host content that would interest potential buyers. The blog can also serve as a social network in itself encouraging discussions and interactions with other agents, prospective buyers, existing clients through the comments section. A good blog would double up as a discussion forum and also offer excellent tips and articles that make for good reading. Hosting a blog for your service can be a great way to shine the spotlight on your product. It is also considered a good practice to visit other interesting blogs and leave comments on them. Posting comments on blogs are a way to attract readership in return because it piques the curiosity of the blog author to know more about you and your business. Blogging is all about social networking. The more social you are, the higher the chances of your blog and your product reaching a wider audience.

2. Professional Networking – LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals and caters to employees, employers, accountants, managers and top positions like CEOs and department heads. Thus, it becomes the perfect starting point for Insurance Marketing as one can easily access a large network by reaching out to a few specific individuals. LinkedIn hosts recommendations, appreciations, employee ratings and the like – which are basic forms of word-of-mouth marketing. It also has the concept of groups where similar topic-oriented people converge to discuss best practices, issues, tips and tricks and more. This makes it the perfect forum to introduce your service to. LinkedIn works on the concept of connections – essentially how two people know each other. Making connections with a few individuals will in turn expose you to a much larger population – thus providing you with many more prospects.

LinkedIn also lets you share content with both individuals as well as whole groups and hence becomes an important arena where you can showcase your blog and attract more readers.

3. It’s all about Tweeting – Twitter

A vast majority of people are under the fallacy that Twitter is only a mode of communication that celebrities like Justin Bieber use to relay professionally useless information to the rest of the world. It is absolutely not. If used effectively, Twitter can be a very powerful tool to publicize your content. Today, Twitter is actively used by children, adults and seniors alike to share information, discuss views, voice their opinions and stay in touch with the rest of the world. Following the right people can help you learn about their best practices and how they run their business. Based on the latest marketing researches and reviews the more you interact, the more followers you acquire. By interacting regularly, you can widen your reach and build more contacts. With more followers, the possibility of someone tweeting about your service or product increases largely, giving you the opportunity to influence their followers too thus introducing you to a whole new market.

In order to harness the best out of social media marketing, insurance agents must use a combination of the three kinds. In additional to the traditional mode of marketing, insurance agents can today leverage the advancements in technology and use it to their benefit to grow their business without having to leave the comfort of their office.

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