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There is a common misconception in the blog-o-sphere that mailing lists are only for blogs that are looking to advertise their services or sell their products.

New Lead Flag,Home Care Leads, Home Health Care LeadsAs a result, most bloggers today carry an aversion to compiling mailing lists or subscriber lists. However, based on the latest NewLead.Org marketing reviews we think mailing lists are extremely important to have on any kind of blog, even the ones that are not designed to sell products.

Mailing lists, subscriber lists and newsletters are a way of announcing to your readers that there’s something new on the site that is worth reading. It’s a medium to alert people about new features, a new design or anything specific that you wish to tell them about. The alert mechanism can also be used to give people a heads-up when something isn’t right. Lets say you had to perform an emergency move to a different website because your previous one got hacked, a mailing list is a good way to inform people about the move. You do not want readers to be accessing a hacked website that could put them at risk.

Additionally, if your services or content is being sought by other blogs or publications, mailing lists or newsletters are a good way to publicize your contributions. Contributing articles to other influential blogs and publications is a good way to attract more traffic to your own blog and increase readership.

Mailing lists or newsletters carry a friendly positive appeal when you participate in blogging contests or promotions and require votes in order to make the cut. In such scenarios, adding a note to the newsletter will ensure more eyes on the contest entry and a possible increase in the number of votes you garner.

Including a quick item outside of your blog content like announcing a sale, a Did you know tidbit, deals or promotions in your area or discount coupons could add a little extra zing to your newsletter ensuring that your reader base actually looks forward to your newsletters.

But here’s a question to ponder.

If you do not plan to host giveaways, what would be the motive for people to subscribe to your newsletter? The answer doesn’t always have to be a physical product; it can be an intangible service.

You can consolidate the tidbits of information that you provide in your newsletter or your blog as a consultation service. Some of the most popular blogs offer ideas for web design, SEO optimization, and tips about social media, tips on career advancements and the like. Instead of giving away all the information in one go, you offer a tiny snippet of information piquing your readers curiosity just enough to make them ask for more details thus setting the stage for a steady consultation. Make sure you give them time to implement the idea and then ask for feedback. This approach helps you personally interact with your readers and over time builds data around which topics generate most interest.

One should be aware that mailing lists are not free. Many popular services sell mailing lists at an average of about $20 a month for 500 subscribers. If you are hesitant about using your home address on physical correspondence that you send out, you might also want to think about getting a PO Box address. The rates for PO boxes vary depending on how detailed you want the PO boxes to be or what kind of PO boxes they are.

How do you work on getting a return on investment for these expenses? Here’s where you can use your mailing list to recommend products or services that you think would be useful to your readers. This will also lead to more visits on your website and at least a few added sales due to your recommendations. With such an approach, you can use your newsletters and mailing lists to sell your service/product as well as interact more with your readers and help them.

Make sure your newsletter theme is in sync with your blog, is DE-cluttered, is informative, provides for new users to sign up for the subscription, concise and effective and mobile friendly if possible. Certain websites also offer helpful plug-ins which your subscribers can use in their own websites to publicize about your blog, thus helping you reach a wider audience. Be ready to hand out giveaways like free e-books to every subscriber who installs the plug-in in order to help you! You can set up exciting schemes and tangible giveaways depending on the number of referrals!

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