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Telemarketing is also often referred to as Inside Sales. Within the United Kingdom and Ireland, telemarketing is known as Telesales.

Sales Associate LogoAccording to Sales Associate® annual marketing magazine reviews, telemarketing is a kind of direct marketing. With telemarketing, a sales agent would solicit prospects and customers to purchase products or employ services. This solicitation would usually happen over a phone or it could even happen through face to face meetings that that follow the initial phone conversation. Telemarketing solicitations often also employ online conferencing techniques that are set up during the initial phone call. Telemarketing as a technique can also be employed in fraud related cases.

Instead of employing live agents, telemarketing can also use sales pitches that have been pre-recorded. These pitches would simply be programmed to auto play over phone calls to prospects and customers. The phone calls would be made by an automatic dialer. Because of these reasons, many individuals have found telemarketing attempts annoying. This has caused the telemarketing practice to receive some flak over the years.

B2C, B2B Telemarketing Lists

The word Telemarketing was first coined in the ‘70s. It referred to the Bell communication systems. The system had determined new outbound usage for the wide area telephone services. It had also determined new usage for the toll free inbound services. Telemarketing can broadly be categorized into two types. The first kind is Business to Business, also commonly referred to as B2B. The other form of Telemarketing is the Business to Consumer telemarketing. This type is often referred to as B2C.

The Telemarketing lists life cycle can be divided into multiple phases. The first is lead generation. Lead Generation is the process by which sales agents work to gather information about their audience. This is also the stage where they put together a list of contacts that they intend to solicit to. The next step in the Telemarketing process is Sales. In the Sales phase, sales agents use their powers of persuasion and their marketing skills to sell a service or a product. The Sales phase is followed by the Outbound phase. This phase employs a good amount of proactive marketing techniques. Direct contact is established with new prospects. Existing customers are also contacted in an attempt to sell additional products or services. The final phase in the Telemarketing process is that of the Inbound Phase. In this phase, prospects and existing customers make purchases or employ services. They could also request additional information. The term Inbound, in this case, refers to incoming order confirmations.

Demand for a product or a service can be created within an audience by employing effective marketing techniques.

Creativity with advertising, push publicity coupled with efforts from salespersons outside the business also helps with creating demand within an audience. Telemarketing calls can be carried out from work places, call centers or within the confines of a home. It could employ live agents manually placing calls or it could employ auto recorded messages. The process which employs automatic dialing and plays automatic pre-recorded messages for customers, through voice broadcasting is called Automatic Telemarketing. A similar form of automatic telemarketing is the Robo-calling. However, this form is only employed for broadcasting political communication.

  • Effective telemarketing would involve two or more number of calls. The very first call or the first series of calls would help establish the needs of the customer. Similarly, the last call or the last series of calls would motivate the customer to buy the product or employ the service. In order to identify prospects, several factors are considered. Some of these factors could be previous purchase history of the consumer,  any prior requests for product or service information, credit and financial limits, competition and contest entry forms as well as other similar application forms. NewLead.Org reviews strongly indicating that several telemarketing lists organizations also purchase contact lists from other companies. Telemarketing agents also put together contact lists from telephone directories or other publicly maintained lists. The contacts are run through a qualification process that determines which of the prospects are likely to buy the product or employ the service.
  • The process of Telemarketing is also often employed by charities, non-profits, alumni based associations as well as political groups to request donations. Telemarketing is also often employed by research companies to conduct surveys of past consumers or previous prospects. These reviews are designed to analyze audience acceptance or to understand their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the product or service being sold. Similarly, polls that analyze public opinion also employ telemarketing practices.

The concept of telemarketing can also be used in the electronic form, whereby electronic tools like email and fax can be used to solicit prospects and customers. However, many individuals consider the electronic emails and solicitation faxes as spam.

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