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Auto Dialer Reviews

Auto dialer or automatic dialer are electronic devices that can automatically dial numbers and make phone calls.

AutoDialer Reviews 2013Automatic dialer could be physical devices or they could also be electronic software. Once the call goes through, a pre-recorded message or a communication broadcast message is played out to the person at the other end. The concept of automatic dialing, where play pre-recorded messages are played is known as voice broadcasting. Voice broadcasting when used for the sole purpose of broadcasting political messages is called as Robo-calling. In certain situations, the person at the other end may be asked to key in a number or press a button on the telephone. For example; opinion polls may require customers to press one button if they support the cause or another button if they oppose the cause. This type of calling is referred to as Outbound IVR or Outbound Interactive Voice Response.

According to 2013 reviews by NewLead.Org management, modified version of the auto dialer is when the software forwards or connects the call to a live agent once it has been answered by an individual at the other end. This kind of auto dialing is called predictive dialing. It has also been referred to as power dialing. With predictive dialing, analysis is performed on a real time basis to compute the optimum time required to connect more calls. With power dialing, a pre-determined list of numbers are dialed when a sales agent is done with the previous call.

Auto dialers have been programmed to differentiate between human voices and answering machines.

They have the ability to detect when a human answers the phone. When a phone call made by the auto dialer goes to voice mail or gets picked up by an answering machine, the incoming audio stream needs to be analyzed by the auto dialer in order to make a prediction whether it is a machine or a human. Though technology has programmed the differentiation, there is no way to guarantee 100% accuracy.

With auto dialers making calls to multiple clients, prospective customers, customers and users, business or call centers that employ the auto dialer functionality to place calls to individuals in the US have to abide by compliance laws. Records would need to be maintained and dropped call percentages would need to be demonstrated. The auto dialer would also need to be programmed to not call any numbers which are a part of the federal or state Do Not Call Registry. A few organizations are exempt from these compliance laws, but the majority of auto dialer are built for a major part of users who need to comply with the laws. In many cases, when asked to by the regulatory authorities, they also have to demonstrate their abiding of the compliance laws.

Regular computers, laptops or desktops, can be converted to auto dialers with the use of appropriate software. Telephony boards and modems can be used for this purpose. Auto dialer technology can also be set up over physical telephone devices using certain software programs and add-on hardware. Today, the internet and VoIP phones can also run free or low priced auto dialers. Telephony cards offer an advantage over modems in that they can detect touch tones and transfer calls directly through. With the advancement of technology, there are various software available that can carry out functionality previously available only with telephony hardware. Also, computers today come with pre-installed voice modems that are quite affordable. Voice based modem systems also feature touch tones, detection of call progress capabilities, call transfers, detection of voicemail and answering machines etc.

There are a few types of auto dialer. Smart Auto Dialer can personalize phone messages and also gather human speech feedback.

This involves speech recognition and the voice information can then be converted to text. Semi automatic auto dialer are controlled by humans. Dialing, playing messages, pressing keys etc. have to be done by individuals. Telemarketing dialer should be able to dial a large number of phone calls simultaneously. It should also be able to provide an integrating interface so that it can be integrated with the rest of the telemarketing system. Today, the internet allows a telemarketing business to link together several auto dialer and control all of them through a dispatch facility. If computation can be distributed to multiple dispatches, then there auto dialer can be scaled in an unlimited fashion.

The comprehensive version encompassing all features of the above types is the Natural Predictive Dialer or NPD. In this case, even as the agent is being connected to the individual at the other end, Call Progress Analysis or CPA can be simultaneously carried out. There is no waiting period for a human voice to be detected to connect an agent. Thus call progress analysis can be automated, indicating New Leads reviews. The only demerit here is that NPD is only available through a single vendor.