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Privacy Policy

Because we consider privacy of our customers to be of utmost importance, we are well aware and any and all information that is provided by a customer about himself or his property is extremely confidential. We make sure that none of this information provided by a customer is ever given out to any third party officials. Even if there are exceptions where this needs to be done in order to seal the deal, we make sure that such exceptions are few and rare and not the normal practice. We utilize the return emails feature for all our correspondence ensuring that all such particulars stay confidential. We will never give out addresses to third party agencies. Our customers have our assurance that their  addresses will not be used for any other purposes except to answer mails received from them.

We understand our customer’s desire to keep their information personal and to keep unscrupulous agents away from this information. To ensure this happens and to set our customers at ease, we provide them with all details about how their information will be used. We also let them know if there is a need to share their information with a third party and if so, how much of the information will be shared. Providing transparency to the customer makes them comfortable enlisting our services. At every step in the process where the customer is required to fill in information, we provide a link to the privacy policy so that the customer is well aware of how the information would be used. This ensures that there are no open questions about privacy and the customer is well aware of the entire flow of information. Thus, it is the customer who decides how much of his information is gathered and how it is used.

You can feel safe engaging our services knowing that we have your information well protected and only your best interests at heart!!