• What questions do you ask during the phone presentation? What information do you verify?

Our professional appointment setters ask the senior citizens if they already have Medicare insurance Part A or Medicare Insurance Part B. They also ask the senior citizens to confirm their physical addresses. During the phone presentation, the appointment setters’ check with the senior citizens as to what time would suit them best for a Medicare Insurance Specialized Agent to stop by their residence. The agent would explain them the benefits of enrolling for a Medicare program.

  • How far apart do you space my appointments?

We try to schedule all your appointments within the same zip code. But, if you the zip code that you choose or the territory that you pick are not highly populated areas, then this could require you to travel from one appointment in a zip code to another appointment in another zip code. If driving 15 miles or more is an objection, then we recommend that you pick zip codes which are closer to each other while choosing areas for Medicare Advantage Leads.

  • Do I have to sign any contracts in order to place orders?

No, we do not require you to sign any short term contracts or long term contracts for you to place orders with us.

  • Is there a minimum amount of leads that I need to order?

Yes, at a minimum, we require that you order 20 pre-scheduled appointments referral phone leads for every agent.

  • Do I have the flexibility of choosing my own days and my own times to work my appointments?

Yes, we provide you the flexibility to pick and choose days and times that work best for you.

  • How far ahead do you usually pre-schedule appointments?

We try to schedule appointments 16 hours to 24 hours ahead, but at the most, we schedule them 48 hours ahead.

  • What are my payment options?

We accept most kinds of payment options like all major credit cards, cashier’s checks, personal checks as well as money orders.

  • Do you issue refunds?

No, we do not.

  • Do you have replacement policies?

Yes, we do. Please check the Terms of Use on our website, which lists our replacement policy. In this page, we require you to acknowledge and agree to our Terms of Use before we can send you your order.

  • How and when do you send me my pre-scheduled appointments?

We email you your pre-scheduled appointments on a day to day basis. We send these out by 10:30 PM CST. Please remember to provide us an accurate email address, so that we can email you your appointments. We have a system that verifies delivery confirmations for each pre-scheduled appointment that we email out.

  • Do you screen individuals to see if they have any pre-existing health or medical conditions?

We do screen individuals, however, we only do it for leads relating to special needs.

  • Do you screen individuals to check if they are already insured under state retirement policies or other government policies?

Yes, we do. We ask all our prospects if they are already insured under government insurance or state provided insurance plans. However, we cannot be certain whether or not they have government insurance or state insurance. We only ask this as a bonus question. This question is asked only so that we can reduce the number of appointments with Medicare receiving individuals who already have government insurance or state funded insurance. This question helps eliminate the individuals who already have government insurance but we do not provide a guarantee that the leads in our list absolutely do not have these policies.

  • What should be my dress code for meeting customers?

A large part of our successful marketing agents wear professional business casuals to these meetings. We recommend that you hold in your hands, a Medicare book. It reminds the senior citizens as to the purpose of your visit.

  • What should be my opening line?

You should say Hi. (Name of the Person). Tell them that you have an appointment at the scheduled time.

  • Should I call my pre-scheduled appointments before the time of appointment and confirm with them if they would be there at the scheduled time?

Our professional appointment setters set these appointments for you and there is no requirement that you can to verify your appointments. If you call them, you risk having them change their mind. A good successful marketing insurance agent will find no need to confirm, qualify or conduct the sale of a policy over the phone.