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Published on 09/02/2014 by in Marketing

Sales Leads & Appointments

Telemarketing ReviewsHere you will be able to find consumer and b2b marketing sales leads in 48 states as well as scheduled appointments and phone leads.

Life insurance leads, final expense leads, Medicare leads, Reverse Mortgage Leads, Home Care Leads and other types of senior sales prospects which are exclusively yours and 100% beating the competition. The company is in charge of a distinct kind of protection lead service and optimal forms of telemarketing leads in form of referral phone referrals and scheduled appointments.

NewLead.Org specializes in performing the marketing sales leads and mailing lists as well as appointment setting services for various insurance companies’ agents covering 48 states. We have a good number of highly qualified callers and well trained to give a top mark scheduled telemarketing appointments.

It is evident that our senior leads are excellent and qualified enabling to get a higher sales report since our callers will help qualify each sales lead on your behalf enabling you to get a higher qualified prospect. It is to our knowledge that prospecting is one of the hardest yet challenging task that is a headache to all or most of the sales agents. It is our duty to take this first hand call hence providing the best lead inform of a qualified exclusive current appointment to or a referral phone lead. Our aim is to get you in the front line like most other prospects to enable you generate a higher output sales report hence giving you an opportunity of increasing your referral clients.

Sales Leads and Appointments (For Medicare, Life, Mortgage Specialists etc.)

The Company works together with the clients to get creating a mutual understanding which have made it easier to establish a perfect campaign that best suits you. Some of the quality telemarketing leads we provide among others include; Medicare leads, Medicare Dual Eligible, Turning 65 (64 and 65), Medical Supplements and Special need sales leads. We also consider our specialization in custom telemarketing and  appointments marketing leads generation in the form of scheduled appointments and highly qualified life insurance leads that are even cost effective.

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Final Expense Insurance Leads

Published on 11/25/2013 by in Marketing

Marekting sales leadsOur final expense leads are created using both marketing research and data mining with strict controls so that the leads are both qualified and verified before your agency or agents get these leads.

These marketing senior sales leads are created as set appointments no more than 24 hours in advance. So no matter where you live or work, you can get final expense leads in the area that you are working in. They also do not have long or short term contracts for you to be bound with. They will work with you in every way possible.

When you are in the insurance business, it is imperative that you have quality leads that have been verified. Otherwise you waste both time and money on lead generation services that are not worth the money that you are paying for them. NewLead.Org has been in business for almost 10 years. They also offer leads at competitive prices without the iron clad contracts. You can believe in the leads that are provided to you through NewLead.Org services. So what is the next step for getting these vital senior sales leads for your agency or agents?

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208 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215 – Leads from New Lead

Published on 11/19/2013 by in Life Insurance

Final Expense, Medicare, Home Care and Reverse Mortgage leads services.

NewLead.Org is a telemarketing senior sales leads generating company that provides businesses and corporations with many different types of telemarketing leads, related to the senior market. We are a seasoned and experienced company and our services have been used by some of the biggest names in the Medicare, Health Insurance and Life Insurance industries.

We work hard hand-in-hand with our clients from the very beginning to ensure that the senior sales leads generation programs are to their full-satisfaction.

The company’s telemarketing and call center teams are selected based on several criteria which include pleasant and friendly personality, good communication skills, a good sense of responsibility, experience, and willingness to work on shifts, good phone presentation and work ethics and much more. These selected teams and candidates are then subjected to a thorough training process before being absorbed into the ranks of NewLead.Org.

There are many marketing companies that provide telemarketing leads, but there are no companies like NewLead.Org that provides the most efficient telemarketing leads services and at the most.

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Final Expense Leads Generation

Published on 11/13/2013 by in Life Insurance

NewLead.Org specializes in offering telemarketing final expense leads services for insurance agents within 48 states. All of our callers are highly qualified and trained to generate high class scheduled telemarketing preset appointments. Our leads are all qualified to assist you with a higher sales report. Our callers will qualify each sales lead for you to ensure a higher qualified prospect.

  • We understand prospecting is one of the hardest and challenging jobs for a sales agent. Company takes hold of the first hard call and provides a hot lead in the form of a qualified exclusive preset appointment or referral phone lead. Our job is to get you in front of as many prospects to generate you a higher sales report. This will also give you an opportunity to increase your referral clients. We work hand-in-hand with each of our clients to tailor make a campaign that is right for you.
  • We provide quality final expense telemarketing senior sales leads such as: Medicare Leads, Turning 65 (64 and 65), Medicare Dual Eligible, Special Needs and Medicare Supplement Leads. We also specialize in life insurance preset appointments and phone leads that are high qualified and very affordable.
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Home Health Care Marketing

Published on 11/09/2013 by in Marketing

Home care marketing is a topic that is wide and has many branches to it. One cannot be able to fully understand everything in home care marketing.

However, they can make sure they understand a branch that concerns their business or company. If you do not understand the marketing in relation to your business, you may not be able to have a successful business. This is the same case for home care marketing. You will need to understand it fully in order to know how to make your home care business a success.

Home Care Marketing Advertising

Our caller uses their expertise in advertising your services for you and scheduling qualified appointments.

In most cases, people tend to think that conventional advertising is one of the best ways to market. However, in the present day, this is not the case. If you want to get the best results from your home care marketing, you need to implement the use of telemarketing leads. Though conventional advertising will have some impact, it will not be as effective as use of senior sales leads. There is one main reason why this is true.

Home Care Leads Strategy

When you advertise using normal conventional methods, you give the idea to the consumer. However, you will not convince them to buy the product that you are selling. This will all be left to the consumer and they will decide to buy the product if they are convinced that it is good. However, when you use leads, you will have a better chance of getting consumer to buy your products. This is attributed to the fact that you will have a one on one chat with them. If you are selling home care products, this can be a good home care marketing strategy to use.

Our home care, home health care, Medicare and final expense leads are exclusive with no competition. 

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Telemarketing Services

Published on 11/05/2013 by in Marketing

NewLead.Org is a Texas-based company offering individual insurance agents and mortgage brokers in 48 states the best telemarketing services available in the Nation.

Our Telemarketing Services are provided using some of the best call center phone systems known to the industry. It incorporates the use of state-of-the-art technologies through the many senior sales leads generation services provided to clients Nationwide for over 10 years. Our Medicare, final expense leads, Reverse Mortgage Leads and other types of leads generating systems and technology allow us generate high quality telemarketing leads and provide our clients with prospects that are workable and accurately fit the required criteria. Our never ending list of clients includes those in Medicare, health and life insurance fields.

What sets Company even further apart from other telemarketing companies offering similar services is the company’s employment of a database system which is a result of research and development plus data-collecting from our dedicated company personnel. This database system consists of leads that offer perfect matches to the required prospects in the respective industries. This database system is unique to our and only our company alone.

Our company is one of the best of the many Telemarketing companies available in U.S. It is a company that specializes in senior sales lead generation for individual agents and brokers, businesses and corporations of all sizes and nature. Its sales lead generation services are not only effective but are competitively-priced.

We have experience in the lead generating services industry including insurance telemarketing services.

We gained a strong and positive reputation among its clients who are made up of all kinds of businesses; from real estate agents, mortgage brokers, Medicare services, insurance agents and agencies, reverse mortgage brokers to life insurance agencies and many more.

With the kind of experience, proven track record to match our company’s reputation, we have been the obvious choice amongst all the telemarketing companies offering similar services in the industry. Our expertise in the area is matched by no other. Businesses and corporations requiring effective lead generation through telemarketing no longer need to look any further; NewLead.Org is a complete Telemarketing Solution for agents and brokers in 48 states with the most competitive rates.

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Cold Calling, Prospecting, Telemarketing – Part 2

Published on 11/02/2013 by in Marketing

There are several ways by which the marketers can access the databases and get as many information as they can.

If the marketers understand their target customers in a better way, then the possibility for making a successful cold call increases. Another important aspect that must be taken into consideration by the marketers is the advance preparation of opening statements. Instead of asking typical questions regarding mood and health of the clients, a person’s capability to utilizing the point of reference is more important.

Point of Reference

Opening statement of the cold call must be friendly yet it must contain the essence of branding. The message should be crisp and it is important that the caller must greet the client with the brief introduction about him/her. In addition to this they must include point of reference which facilitate them in developing a rapport and provide them information about the source by which caller has got the information about the client. For example the news sources could be used as a point of reference for developing rapport. Another point that must be kept in mind is about the caller tone. Instead of stating important facts for compelling the clients about purchasing their products, marketer who is generating telemarketing leads must inquire the relevant issues by which the client gradually identifies the need and show consent for the marketer’s products.

The Framework for Cold Calling

For ensuring the success of telephonic conversation, it is necessary that the cold caller must prepare a script regarding important questions to ask, and specify some important details about the clients. If the framework is already established then the cold calling experience will be enjoyable for the marketer. Once the person and marketer has agreed to the common point and it becomes evident that the he or she could be one of the potential client for the company’s products then the next challenge for the cold caller is setting up an appointment schedule. Arranging one to one meeting helps the companies to understand their clients in a better way and helping them to get the effective solutions of their problems. In order to arrange the appointments, instead of asking the client about the appropriate time slot, it is better to present them the option so that they can inform a person whether the slot is suitable for the meeting or not.

The Choice of the Time

The choice of the time for cold calling is important and it is recommended to the people to select the best time slot in which the clients and the caller both are energized. Usually the early morning slots are suitable for the calls. The people must practice cold calling in order to be perfect. If the person has practiced well then cold calling and generating quality telemarketing leads would be a fun to them and fruitful for the business as well.

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Cold Calling, Prospecting, Telemarketing – Part 1

Published on 10/29/2013 by in Marketing

In order to generate final expense insurance leads, Medicare leads or other types of leads, among the latest marketing techniques, the trend of utilizing cold calling strategies is becoming popular day by day.

As a result, the marketers get access to their prospective clients with the help of telephonic conversations. There is a need of careful planning before adopting this strategy because the clients are unaware about the services offered by the business and the conversation. Cold calling strategy could only be fruitful, if the sales representative force of any company is effectively prepared. In order to be successful after adopting cold calling strategy and generate quality telemarketing leads, there are several aspects that must be taken into consideration.

First Step for Telemarketers

The first step demands clarity of purpose. Once it is decided that cold calling will be used as a marketing strategy then it becomes necessary that the sales person must also be aware about the reason for making the cold call. A common mistake made by most of the cold callers in the beginning is that they try to force clients for purchasing their products. This is incorrect approach because this marketing strategy is actually increasing the probability of purchases by interacting with the potential buyers and compelling them to consider the purchase option by highlighting their needs. The basic purpose of cold calling is actually setting up an appointment with the clients and as a result the probability for increase in company’s sales.

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Best Life Insurance Leads Companies – Part 1

Published on 10/25/2013 by in Life Insurance

One of the most competitive business institutions that you can come across in the world is insurance.

Best Life Insurance Leads companies Medicare Advantage Leads Exclusive ReviewsOne main reason behind this is the increase in demand of insurance based services worldwide. If you are an insurance agent or own a company, you will need to find ways that you can beat your competition. One of the most popular types of insurance is the life insurance. This means that you will need to have the best life insurance leads. Since this is the situation, you will need to start by looking for best companies that generate this kind of leads.

There are many companies that offer this kind of service. However, few will be able to give you leads that will generate your desired results.

Since few companies will only be able to do this, you should find the best in the market. All these companies will have a process that they follow in order to make their leads successful. The best companies to choose from will be those that have new leads created very now and then. New leads mean new prospective clients and there is a high chance that you will make a sale with them. Getting life insurance leads that are targeting people without a cover gives you a very high probability of becoming successful.

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Small Business Advertising Ideas

Published on 10/21/2013 by in Marketing

For small businesses, word of mouth marketing might be slow or even non-existent.

For rapid growth, it is important to advertise. Here are 12 tried and tested advertising techniques to effectively grow your business.

1. Yellow Pages
Yellow pages are extensively used by many people to find businesses they’re searching for. Aim for the biggest page you can afford, so you can get maximum visibility.

2. Newspapers and magazines
Local newspapers and magazines offer several specials for advertising that help showcase new businesses. Special interest newspapers and magazines could end up delivering your message to the target audience you desire to reach.

3. Direct Mail and Email Advertising
More people prefer direct mail than telemarketing calls. It’s best to use a targeted mailing list, however if you do not have one, you can still send out your mail targeted to a geographic audience. Similarly, use email lists to stay in touch with and provide repeat business to current customers. Efforts to attract new customers through email might get misinterpreted as spam.

4. Business Cards
Hand out your business cards to every new contact and professional you talk to about your business. It can serve as an effective marketing medium for your small business.

5. Joining Business Organizations and Get Involved in Your Community
By joining business organizations, you can leverage the company’s promotional activities where you can also market your businesses. Often, business organizations offer free promotion on the company’s website or through newsletters. Similarly, you could also host or participate in charity functions or community events to help improve PR.

6. Vehicle Advertising
This kind of advertising makes your business visible. Even if you are not comfortable with custom signs or quad signs that sit on top of your car, pick magnetic signs which you can remove and attach at will.

7. Sending promotional material with invoices
Include schemes like ‘Bring your buddy’ which offers specials or discounts to the referring friend. While sending out invoices, include specials or such offers which could attract more people.

8. Cable TV and Radio advertising
Even if you cannot afford prime time TV advertising, you could still work with cable TV companies to run infomercials that fit in your budget. Similarly, using the radio channel to run ads about your business could be effective while affordable.

9. Bench / Bus stop advertising
You could work with local transit companies to post ads in places like bus stops and trains stations. This would be a good way to reach a wider audience with a single advertisement.

10. Local Website advertising
As more people spend their time online, a good way to advertise to them would be through ads on online websites. Check with local municipalities that post a list of businesses on their website.

11. Trade Show Participation
While participation in bigger trade shows could cause a huge dent in your money bank, you could participate in smaller affordable ones, be seen and get known. Local business associations organize trade shows for specific industries.

12. e-Bay Listings
Another fast and affordable mode of advertising would be to auction at e-Bay. Along with the item being auctioned, you can also advertise your business. Every user viewing the item would also view the ad.

Choose the right combination of advertising tips along with traditional word of mouth advertising to help you grow your business effective.

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Search Engine Optimization – Part 2

Published on 10/19/2013 by in Marketing

Since most people and businesses will claim to have knowledge of doing optimization of a website on a search engine, it would be prudent to know who can actually do the work.

One should start by looking at the experience that the company or service provider has. In most cases, the company or service provider with a lot of experience will be at a higher chance of providing better services than one who does not have a long experience. To get quality life insurance leads experience is important as the service provider will be able to know the different trends that are changing in the search engines and the optimization markets. A provider who has little or no experience should be avoided especially if the website to be optimized to generate life insurance leads, will need to have quick and efficient result regarding Search Engine Optimization.

The track record of the provider will also be an important factor for a person who is looking to get good services. The track record can only be given by proof of their past and current work. Though some providers will be reluctant to provide this information, they can at least give a small list of sites that they have optimized and those that are currently leading in ranks. If the sites that have been working with the client will not have constant rankings that are high, it will mean that their services will not be effective. On the other hand if they have high rankings, it will mean the service provider can offer excellent Search Engine Optimization services.

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Search Engine Optimization – Part 1

Published on 10/17/2013 by in Marketing

To generate quality final expense leads, search engine optimization is one of the things that owners of website have to take seriously if they want their website to flourish and reach the targets that they want.

This being the case, the owners of life insurance related websites will have to have several things in mind. The things that they have to keep in mind is mainly who they can use for the optimization of their website in search engines. There are two main ways that this can be done. The first method will be the normal do it yourself method. This method will require a lot of work and investment. This being the case, the person who is interested in doing this kind of optimization should be ready to spend a lot of time on their website and the requirements of Search Engine Optimization.

The other method to generate exclusive life insurance leads or final expense leads would be by looking for companies that are good in this type of work. Looking for good companies to provide any type of service might prove to be hard work. This is attributed to the fact that there are many companies available for such types of service. At the same time, all these companies will be insisting that they are the best in the said kind of work. To avoid such a situation, it would be prudent for a company that wants to do the same to make sure that they know how they can go about it. There are two main things that one should look at when they are looking for a company that will work on the optimization of their website. The first thing to look at will be the different levels of optimization that the service provider can handle. Secondly, one should look at the service record of the companies that provide the Search Engine Optimization services.

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What is MM List?

Published on 10/16/2013 by in Marketing

The catalog companies purchase or manufacture products; they market and promote these goods and products to prospective buyers. Many catalogs as well as retail marketers have gravitated towards China as a source for purchasing goods and products.

List of consumers to whom the mail order catalogs are sent out are rented from other list brokers or from cooperative companies which maintain databases.

The catalog is published in a manner very similar to a magazine publication. Mail order catalogs can be distributed in various ways. The most common method of distribution is through leveraging the services of the postal service. Alternatively, using the Internet to distribute the mail order catalog is also a very popular mode of distribution.

Supermarkets also often organize mail order promotions. During these promotions, people can send in the product price added to the shipping and handling costs and get products customized for their company. However, certain products will not be available through mail order.
The first mail order catalog when created, also led to the creation of the direct marketing industry. This led to the establishment of a global direct marketing network included everything from mail orders, mailing, telemarketing as well as use of social media networks. By introducing the concept of personalization and individuality, along with the use of the term consumption, the direction of the product market worldwide has been changed. This allows the direct marketing companies today to gain complete control of a consumer’s consumption behavior. Even as complete control is gained, there is total privacy maintained. In today’s world, the main order catalog business and the industry are worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Mail order catalog industry today generates and fetches in over two trillion dollars worth of incremental sales. The mail order catalog industry also supports close to eleven million jobs today, all of which are directly related to or heavily dependent upon the direct marketing industry.

With the advent of technology and the Internet, an organization’s website has become the norm, if a customer wanted to order products or services.

Delivery for these products or services is through mail. However, the term “mail order” does not only mean ordering products over the Internet. The specific concept of ordering products or services over the internet is often referred to as e-commerce. It is also called online shopping. The method by which an order for a product or service is placed over the internet makes all the difference between online shopping and mail ordering. With online shopping, orders are placed through websites.

With mail order business, orders are placed through phone calls or mail order forms. Many mail order businesses also today operate over the internet. Today, because of the rising costs of paper, printing as well as rising postage costs, many mail order catalog vendors like MM List have suspending printing and publishing and have chosen to rely on website ordering only. On the other hand, there are organizations which only provide the option of online ordering for their customers. These organizations have never printed or published physical catalogs. In addition, with technology, there exist applications for tablets and hand held computers which let customers browse all their catalogs online without having to receive one in their mail.

We are marketing list providers our marketing lists generated as a mailing and telemarketing lists for business brokers in USA.

We also provide quality exclusive life insurance leads, Medicare leads, Medical and non-medical home care leads, Reverse mortgage leads and other types of Senior leads in the form of scheduled appointments or referral phone leads.

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Mailing Lists, Telemarketing Lists – Part 2

Published on 10/13/2013 by in Marketing

The success of a marketing campaign largely depends on the demographics of the target audience.

Take for example a business that sells a hair re-growth product. If you were to find a list that contains names and addresses of people who have been in the market for such products, who conduct Internet searches, who are worried that they’re losing hair and might go bald or Alopecia victims, then it’s almost as if you have discovered a priceless treasure. In such cases, spending a little extra on postage for that target audience would be a small price to pay in return for the anticipated benefit. By choosing targeted direct mailing lists, you can even tailor the message to suit the recipient by using window envelopes where you can print their names and addresses, by signing mailers with genuine hand-written signatures, by sending personalized emails which show prospective buyers that you’re genuinely interested in helping them! None of these can be implemented in our Company.

However, if you have a landscape designing business or if you specialize in yard antiques, then you probably only want to get targeted custom direct mailing lists and market your business to people who own homes not rent apartments that have neither front lawns nor back yards. If you were to employ by the Company then you would only end up wasting time, money and effort.

An MSP should also advise his clients against flooding in-boxes and mailboxes with mailers and marketing messages because more messages do not translate to more responses. Instead marketing strategies should be well thought of, should adjust for contingencies and most importantly, be cost effective. The most important tip an MSP can give his client is pick the target audience carefully. Simply using a shotgun approach will not get you great responses. Even if New Lead® is chosen as the mode of communication, one needs to do a minimum amount of homework to ensure that the approach works. It’s a good idea to study your target audience, research shopping habits, understand demographics and then be able to appeal to those. This will help you mold your mailer to target a specific section of your audience even if you were to go the Company route.

  • With the right amount of research, you can find mailing lists designed to target every kind of topic-oriented audience – be it religion, different hobbies, politics, science, education and so on. However, if your business is only affected by geography then there is no need to cater to a target audience. The entire community becomes your target audience.
  • At the end of the day, a proper cost benefit analysis can help you decide which way to go. As an MSP, if you can help your client make the right decisions on deciding a good marketing strategy and help his business succeed, then you would be able to reap the benefits for your business as well, because even in business, what goes around certainly comes around!
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Mailing Lists, Telemarketing Lists – Part 1

Published on 10/10/2013 by in Marketing

Here you will be able to get custom targeted direct mailing list within US; our mailing lists will be filtered according to your standards.

With extremely affordable postage rates offered by USPS and the fact that you do not need to spend on renting or buying mailing list from any mailing list brokers and do not even need to have a mailing permit, Medicare Supplement Leads | NewLead.Org as it is commonly referred to is gaining popularity with most marketing businesses. However, one must be aware that even our company does sound like the best solution for a huge number of marketing businesses; it does not work in all scenarios.

There are many small business owners who look to market their products or their services through either their services or targeted mailing practice. You need to explore both options thoroughly before making a decision around which way to go, because the method you choose has the potential to make or break your business. In such scenarios, Mail Service Providers help make the right decision for your business because they bring in perspective. MSPs can show you how targeting the right audiences and appealing to their interests can bring in more returns and how pitching your content to the wrong audiences can end up jeopardizing your business.

One question that’s bound to pop up at this juncture is who’s your target audience?

For a business that looks to employ our company, the answer should be “Everyone in the community”. For community agencies like fire departments, libraries, community outreach programs or even the local pizzeria this option would work well. Pizza is a almost always a universal favorite and libraries and community outreach would like to get their messages and flyers out to most people in the community.

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Low Budget Business Marketing

Published on 10/08/2013 by in Marketing

Starting a new business isn’t always a piece of cake for everybody who attempts it.

Had it been, we would have seen every single individual owning a small business and even being successful at it. Most individuals, when they start up their own businesses, cash is tight. The common mode of operation becomes including those activities that operate on a very low budget and do not unleash any unnecessary strain on the business.

Most people are of the opinion that it costs a fortune to market your business. Because of this misconception, a large majority of new small business owners do not even consider any kind of marketing. What they do not take into consideration is that, marketing costs are not to be treated as outflow of cash. They are in effect investment costs which when applied to the right plans, fetch good returns over a period of time. One doesn’t have to be super qualified either to factor in marketing in his business plans. They are established rules, proven, researched methods and strategies that one can easily adopt and adapt according to their business.

  • The first step in putting together a marketing plan is to find someone who knows all about it, an expert, and to learn every conceivable way of marketing well to reap the returns. Based on the inputs obtained from the expert, you should then proceed to put together a marketing plan but hold off on deciding the methods you would use to market your product/service until you decide on a budget – one that you can sustain over time without putting undue strain of the financials of your business. Regardless of the amount you allocate, ensure that you stick to it month over month. This allocated spending will serve as your guideline and will help you avoid temptation in the form of ‘too-good-to-be-true’ offers that come up every now and then! One should screen opportunities carefully to determine which ones should be worked on and which ones should be passed over. Profit maximization is the key but one shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting different modes and approaches to marketing and then choosing the ideas that work best!
  • One of the best low-budget forms of marketing is to find and study your target audience. Depending on your product/service, it may appeal to different demographics. Learn to tailor your marketing messages so that it makes the most impression on these target individuals. Direct response marketing is a good place to start.
  • Another easy and low-cost way to market is to forge joint ventures with other small businesses from a different industry. If you form strategic alliances with people in your own industry, both of you would only end up encroaching on each other territory. Instead forming cross-business partnerships can help both businesses mutually as the final motive would be for the partnership to succeed and there would be no competition.

For example; if a stationery sales owner were to partner with a printing or a copy machine business owner then both owners can promote each other business and introduce the product/service to more people than before. While opting for joint ventures, one should try to go in for alliances with influential individuals who can help introduce you to a larger network of prospects from outside your industry who in turn can lead you to many more prospects widening your audience!

Let’s not forget the tremendous power of the Internet and the role it can play in marketing your product/service at almost no cost to your business. Setting up a website so that all your products, services, specials, prices, contact information and any other relevant information is available to your audience at their fingertips is an excellent way to start. If you can afford, getting an expert to generate new exclusive life insurance leads  at it is a good idea. Harnessing the power of the internet is good also because most of the customers today are proficient with tools like Facebook, Twitter, email, websites and blogs and it makes perfect sense to interact with them at a level that they relate to!

The internet can also be leveraged by getting other websites and classifieds online to pay ‘one-click’ advertisements that would lead customers to your website! This can also help you with monitoring where your user base comes from and that way you can invest more on sites that work! Advertising your product/service in local newspapers, classifieds etc is also an excellent option to reach more people!

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What is Marketing Social Media Channels

Published on 10/06/2013 by in Marketing

The reason behind including three marketing Social Media Channels.

Most people get to think of social media marketing in different versions with others having its equivalence to a roadside billboard. This happens to be more of that with the capacity to access a large volume of people but works well with consumer products aiming to reach broader demographics. When it comes to insurance marketing, it takes another style of working. This practice involves mostly the use of word of mouth local/ direct advertising hence making it hard for them to take part in the social media channels.

Surprisingly, social media is all about the word of mouth aside the local or direct advertising and as a word of advice, every insurance in the market should learn using the following channels with reasons well stated, LinkedIn, it is more than a Social network and the most obvious means suitable for Insurance marketing available. As a professional network, LinkedIn happens to the ideal point for the marketing of your insurance despite the fact it is an online network. Its basic roots are connected traditionally and revolve around making or building of contacts and enhancing a reputation through a ward of mouth. You still have the potential to secure a larger market share by involving in discussion groups on LinkedIn which at the end can fetch some potential clients. Highly connected individuals get active and in return make them visible to the world.

The LinkedIn is the best place to share the contents you have created with others connected including blogs and comments. More benefiting is when you share it within the right groups or a client share your message to others in their industry. This will result to a huge potential community and the reason behind many learned calling LinkedIn a local word of mouth in the current digital age.

Twitter; when you speak of sharing content don’t go far, Twitter is the place to be since it gives you the chance to share your content. It is normal when you mention of twitter and most people especially the small businessmen get to ignore you. This because they think of where Justin Bieber issues are spoken including what they had for breakfast, the answer remains not by a long short.

At this point, you can still create a huge community and find the capacity interact and discuss almost all that is imaginable hence get answers that you might not even have thought of. In case you meet or interact with insurance professionals with prospects, the discussion is going to be of much worth since it will help you to broaden visibility and build contacts. You can also create more contacts when you account is under follower-ship of people with influence in other industries and you will access the market when they talk about you or mention you in a tweet.

A blog; previously, more of contents have been mentioned since it forms the core or the key part of the modern digital marketing. It includes creating contents aimed at capturing the readers interests and leaving in them a need of visiting your website for more and end up being potential clients at the long run. To my view, blogs are very important and aside being main content output, it is also a social channel by itself. It serves as a reflection of interesting insights of the websites encouraging the client to further read or make a data base. When you create very interesting blogs touching round your commodity, it will help largely to call for traffic and comments that help in development.

The prospects will have a chance to contact you with the help of the comments section you have left and discuss issues for better clarifications or professional advice. Take a step of visiting other people blogs including companies in the same industry, read their comments and leave you thought or a comment of your own. The more active you are involved in blogging as a social activity; the more effective it turns to be as an insurance marketing tool.

It is advisable that when you decide to use social media for insurance marketing, adopt the three methods and the message will reach home effectively. After you create blog content, post to LinkedIn groupings and tweet it to all your followers hence follow up on comments and feed the discussion that arises. Currently, it is different from the previous time since you can do social media marketing without leaving your office.

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PACE Related Programs – Part 2

Published on 10/03/2013 by in Marketing

PACE related programs essentially work with health care providers.

These health care providers employ or partner with other health care professionals like doctors, nurses aides, therapists or even social workers to provide the required level of medical and health care to the frail elderly. For their services, these medical professional get reimbursed every month. Their reimbursement rates work on a per month per patient basis. In return for the amount reimbursed, they provide all required health services included transport depending on the requirement. This per month and per member reimbursement amount which is paid out to the medical professionals is also called as per capitation fee.

These types of programs are not for all individuals who are aged 55 or older. They are only for the elderly who are either in a frail state of health or have been incapacitated. They are the people for whom preventive care and promoting health programs makes a different. Many individuals being helped by the PACE programs actually have multiple ailments. Studies show that individuals under PACE have on an average been diagnosed with 7 diagnoses per individual. Cardiac ailments and chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and vascular ailments are among the most common ones which ail the elderly.

These programs have a very strong goal, one that is oriented at keeping the elderly individuals as healthy as they could be. If these individuals are left without any kind of care, it is possible that they would need extensive acute medical care as well as nursing care or hospitalization which can prove to be very expensive. Hence, in order to preempt these expenses, PACE also offers a high level of preventive care like regular health check ups, exercise and recreational programs, programs for monitoring diets, programs to help improve one’s strength etc.

These programs are usually organized in specific locations called PACE centers.

These centers would usually have day health centers, doctors’ offices, nursing care, social service care as well as rehabilitation services on the same location. In addition to medical care, administrative staff would also work from the same site. Depending on their requirements and medical needs, elderly members of the this program initiatives would attend these programs. Some elderly attend very rarely, while some attend all seven days of the week. It majorly depends on their care planning. Planning of medical and health care for the elderly is worked out with the elderly member, care teams that are associated with the elderly as well as family members. On an average, most members step in for their PACE programs about twice a week.

We provide quality Senior leads such: life insurance leads, Medicare leads, Home care, and Home health care leads.

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PACE Related Programs – Part 1

Published on 10/01/2013 by in Marketing

Commonly referred to as PACE, Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly is a program that offers all inclusive medical and health services for individuals who are aged 55 years or older.

We are marketing list provider for marketing professionals who are also in a sufficiently delicate state of health to be eligible for nursing home care by the state managed Medicaid program. Services that are provided through PACE include specialized medical care and attention, nursing aides and services at a social level. They also include occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, recreational care etc. as and when required. In addition to direct care, PACE can also include health care services at their homes, any transportation that is health related, any nurses or aide care at home, modification expenses to the home in order to take care of the disabilities. In essence, PACE can cover anything deemed necessary from a medical standpoint, in order to maximize the health of an elderly.

PACE originally came into being in the early ‘70s in San Francisco. The first PACE center was established through R&D funding from the federal government administration. It was based on the British model of the day hospital. Towards the late ‘70s, the facility was expanded to include health and medical care as well as social services for the frail and delicate elderly individuals. It also received waivers from the federal government which thus allowed health insurance plans such as Medicare to reimburse for medical and health related services which were provided at an outpatient basis. In the early ‘80s, inpatient medical and health services were also added to the portfolio. This also included skilled nursing services as well as hospital stays for acute illnesses. Support through the ‘80s has helped develop multiple PACE centers at many more locations. It has also help create and maintain a cross-location database that they can use to track their performance. The PACE model received its name in 1990.

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Types of Nursing Homes

Published on 09/30/2013 by in Marketing

Nursing Homes provide residential care and treatment to individuals who require constant supervision and constant nursing.

These are also individuals who have considerable problems performing day to day activities. Nursing homes ensure that nursing aides as well as skilled nurses are available round the clock.

Nursing homes are often referred to by other names like rest homes, intermediate homes, skilled nursing facilities or SNFs or even convalescent homes. Residents in nursing homes can be the elderly individuals or even young adults. These could be individuals suffering from mental or physical disabilities. In addition to medical and nursing care, individuals residing in nursing homes could also receive therapy like occupational therapy, speech therapy or physical therapy. These could also include rehabilitation related therapies. Therapies are most common after surgeries following ailments or accidents. Certain nursing homes also provide assistance to individuals who suffer from conditions like Alzheimer’s or Autism. Depending on where these nursing homes are located, the individuals may also have specific legal rights or bindings.

United States has three main types of nursing homes or nursing care facilities.

An intermediate nursing care facility is a kind of nursing facility for people who are either disabled, or they are elderly individuals or they suffer from an acute illness. Such nursing homes usually offer a lower level of intensive care compared to the intensive care offered at hospitals or skilled nursing homes. The medical expenses at the intermediate nursing care facilities are usually borne by the individual or his/her family. The individual’s health insurance or third party services like hospices may also cover the cost of the stay and/or medical services provided at the intermediate nursing facilities.

The second kind of nursing care facilities in the United States are the assisted living nursing care facilities. These are nursing care facilities which are specifically for disabled individuals. These nursing facilities provide assistance with day to day activities as well as supervision of those activities. For these individuals, independent living is not recommended but they also do not require round the clock supervision and the level of medical care that is provided at nursing facilities. Most of these individuals are also too young to be staying in retirement homes. Assisted living promotes independence and dignified living while providing these individuals the personalized care and attention that they require.

The most common form of nursing facilities are the skilled nursing care homes. These are the nursing homes that are certified to be a part of and to get reimbursed from public health programs like Medicare. While Medicare programs cover the elderly aged 65 years or older and is run by the federal government, Medicaid is a health benefits plan that provides coverage to low income individuals and families. Medicaid is jointly funded by both the state governments and the federal government but is managed at the state level. Medicaid also has eligibility criteria in order for an individual or a family to receive coverage.

A large section of the dollars funded by the federal and the state governments to the Medicare and Medicaid programs are used to provide coverage for the nursing homes that provide skilled care to the elderly residents and disabled. The licensing process for nursing homes is overseen by the state departments. In every state, the state department has a contract with the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Service of that state to review and monitor the nursing facilities in the state that are eligible to offer care and nursing assistance to individuals enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid. The Social Security Act lists their broad guidelines and requirements. It also places the responsibility to monitor, review and enforce requirements with the Secretary of Health and Human Services. CMS is also entrusted with working on the details related to this law as well as the structure and details of how it would be implemented in the state. CMS performs the task by writing out regulations as well as manuals.

Nursing Homes Staff would include administrative staff who the family does not work with much once the individual is admitted into the center.

The size of the administration staff could depend on the size of the nursing facility. Nursing home administrations mostly require a license in order to run the nursing home. In addition to administration, there would be support staff like cleaners, janitors, maintenance men and custodians. The staff who have daily contact with the residents of the facility are called direct care staff and they include medical professionals like registered nurses, licensed practical nursing staff or certified nursing assistants.

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Marketing Lists – 9720 Coit Rd, 220-251 Plano TX

Published on 09/29/2013 by in Marketing

Marketing lists for home care providers that New Lead® provides have different filters and confines.

Within the confines of an individual’s own home, long term care is known as home health care. Home health care can also include a variety of medical services and therapies such as drug therapy, physical therapy etc. It could also include services such as renovation or home improvements designed to make day to day living easier and more comfortable for the individual. These medical and health related services under home health care are to be ordered by doctors and physicians. The expenses related to these services may or may not be covered by the health insurance plans or the long term care coverage depending on the country as well as the established health care system.

On the other hand, home care can also be of the informal kind if it is provided by members of the family.

This could also include friends of the individual or friends of the family as well as any volunteers. In the US, studies peg informal home care to be provided in 90% of the cases where home care is required. Most of informal care happens without any kind of compensation to the help providing members.

As life expectancy increases in most countries and more people live longer than the average age during earlier years, more and more individuals are now also entering an age span where they are bound to require care in their senior years. Also, because of medical advancements birth rates are also increasing substantially. At a global level, 70% of the senior individuals stay in lower or middle income nations. It is obvious that nations and health care providing systems will need to come up with innovative methods and ways of sustenance that will help to cope with the shifts within demographics. Studies have also shown that the shifts in demographics are also causing pattern shifts in social behavior leading to more nuclear families, changes in residential patterns as well as an increase in females joining the labor force. All these factors cause an increase in paid health care.

In a large number of nations, large number of senior individuals requiring long term care still depend largely on informal home health care or medical and health services which are provided by caregivers who are largely unpaid.

In the United States, long term care is usually paid for by a combination of health insurance payment sources including but not limited to personal finances paid by family members, Medicaid health insurance benefits, insurances plans for long term care as well as federally funded Medicare plans. It can also include self-funding or out of pocket expenses. However, this can exhaust once the individual starts requiring a higher level of medical attention or requires home health care. The individual may also have to get admitted to a residential facility. For many individuals, the self-funding is only a transit period. Personal funds of a person can be difficult to handle and medical expenses are difficult to budget for. These individuals eventually look to Medicaid to cover their medical and health care related expenses.

New lead provides high quality exclusive Marketing lists for home care providers within 48 US states.

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Article 1 About Marketing List for Long Term Care Providers

Published on 09/26/2013 by in Marketing

Long Term Care refers to a multitude of medical and health services that are provided to individuals who suffer from chronic illnesses or disabilities and cannot take care of themselves or tend to day to day activities over a long period of time.

Long Term Care can include both medical needs of the individual as well as non-medical needs of an individual.

Long Term care often also includes custodial care as well as non-medical or non-skilled care. These may include day to day activities such as cleaning, bathing, using the restrooms etc. Over the years, long term care has also started involving provisions for a level of health care that requires skilled medical professionals to help with chronic ailments that usually ail the elderly. Long term care can be made available for someone at their home, within a community, within assisted living nursing facilities or even in skilled nursing facilities. Even though long term care is most commonly required by the elderly, it can be required by individuals of any age.

Long term care can be of both the formal kinds as well as the informal kinds. Nursing homes or medical facilities that provide long term care also offer residential accommodation for individuals requiring supervised medical care all 24 hours of the day. This could also include other services like health and medical services, personalized care, meals, laundry facilities etc. Nursing homes, personal care nursing facilities, residential continued care facilities could all be providers of long term care.

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Marketing Strategies that can assure you a successful business!

Published on 09/25/2013 by in Marketing

Simply reaching out to prospects once and attempting to sell them your product isn’t sufficient.

Most customers are in the market not because they have decided to buy something but because there are interested in knowing what’s available in the market. Working on a decision to buy or not to will come later. The purchase would happen only when the customer is convinced that he needs to buy the product. Because of this mindset, if you try to pitch your product once and then be done with it, chances are it will no longer be on the prospect’s mind a few days later. This is where following up or sequential mailing comes in. It is important to follow up, conduct cold calls and send out 2nd notices and final notices so you can remind prospects of what they had been interested in!

How do you stay in touch with existing clients? Monthly newsletters can be easy and inconvenient way to remind your customers about your business and any new upcoming products, advertisements, discounts, specials or any general information about the industry. Newsletters can also help with selling a product to a customer who already bought another product from you. They help with maintaining good working relationships with clients who are more likely to refer you to their friends for your constant care and good customer service. Keeping in touch is extremely important!

A good marketing agent would also take the pains to test the various factors that affect his product. Changing the price, including offers and specials, introducing discounts, trying new modes of communication, testing new advertising options etc. Any of these changes have significantly impact your business in a good way and you would not know about it unless you try it out for yourself.

Make your clients feel pampered. Of course, the pampering will come at a price. Often, you’ll notice that influential clients do not mind shelling out more for a premium service. You can showcase both options – the one with no extras at a low price, and the fancy one priced higher. Chances are, when given an options, clients who can afford it will go in for the higher priced one. Indulge your customers with Deluxe services and very soon they will be spreading the word about you and your business to their friends and their network helping bring in many more customers! Providing exceptional customer service goes a long way in establishing your business and making it successful!

You also can try our telemarketing services that have been working well for insurance, home care and mortgage companies.

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Enhance interaction with clients and prospective buyers

Published on 09/24/2013 by in Marketing

When you try to sell a product to an e-mail address you got off a rented/bought distribution list, chances are the recipient does not know you and will assume that you are a spammer.

In addition to not considering the product, he could cause more harm by letting others know about your spam emails. Approach prospects personally. With existing clients, do not always call with the intent of a sale. Calling them from time to time to inquire about their well being will go a long way in helping you grow. It will also help you obtain appreciative testimonials influencing more prospects. Your business should reflect your personality.

1. Know your strengths and weakness.

Of all the marketing activities you carry out, zero in on the ones you are good at. Writing a marketing email is easy, but who do you see bringing in more responses? A specialist copywriter or an amateur? Similarly, identify activities that do not work for you and eliminate those from your schedule.

2. Provide Unparalleled Customer Service

Being known in the industry for the exceptional customer service you provide will boost your reputation and ensure that existing clients come back to you for more business. It will also help in establishing new clients. Invest in marketing your USP. Prospective buyers are more likely to approach you if they believe that your service is unique compared to others. Build a reputation that would drive top companies to approach you for advice. The more beneficial your service, the harder it would be for clients to walk away.

3. Think Outside-The-Box

Blindly follow traditional practices of by your competitor will lead to your mails getting lost in the clutter. Inspect other industries for inspiration. Encourage word-of-mouth publicity and remember to feed worthwhile information to spread the word. Look towards professionals from other industries to procure new clients. Having access to thousands to legitimate contacts, people like accountants and bank managers can help by putting you in touch with new prospects. Study the most successful people in your industry and learn from them. Your “Eureka” moments could strike you at any time of the day. To make sure you don’t forget them, record them on your phone, a notepad or a voice recorder for later use.

4. Leverage technology

To help prospective clients find you easily, ensure that your website is Search Engine Optimized. Get an expert to work on your website and incorporate a contact form requiring minimal information, so that when prospects find you, they find your website enticing enough to want to call you. Find out what happens when someone ‘Google’s your name. Many buyers check out a supplier on the Internet before engaging them. Harvest the power of blogs and social networking to spread the word.

5. Learning is a journey

Do not wait for things to “slow down” before you can concentrate on marketing. Enroll in a training course or purchase a book or an audio program which teaches you how to handle incoming inquiries more effective. The initial returns might not seem worth it, but over a period of six months, you will see the returns grow. Save copies of any marketing material which might have appealed to you and pick up best practices which you can apply in your business. Ensure that you gather information from dependable sources which help to improve your business and do not end up damaging it.

6. Know your preferred clientele

When addressing a large group or distribution list, word your messages to target your preferred clientele. Leaving it open ended to appeal to all kinds will only dilute the message. Your aim is to motivate and convince people to respond.

7. Quality Over Quantity

Avoid temptations to build a large network because a majority of those contacts would lack influence and reach. A small network of well-connected, established professionals in the community will be more effective.

8. Mail/E-mail Etiquette

Always include your contact details in mails and e-mails. An authentic handwritten signature on marketing letters will add that extra zing. Stay away from address labels. Using window envelopes which show names and addresses increases the probability of them being opened and read.

9. Dos and Donts

Do not let your contacts become aware of tough times if your business isn’t doing well or it’s an usually quiet time of the year. You will stand the risk of hurting your business more as it’s a natural tendency to stay away from dying businesses. Avoid typical marketing jargon. Also remember that clients hate negotiations. If you try to negotiate too much or try to persuade and pester them, you might end up driving them away.

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Medicare Sales Leads with New Lead

Published on 01/14/2013 by in Marketing

We provide Medicare leads in the form of pre-scheduled appointments and phone referral leads.

Turning 65 Medicare Leads

Medicare LeadsWe provide Turning 65 Medicare leads to insurance agents working with the sale of Medicare supplement plans. We also provide Turning 65 leads to other insurance sales related professionals who work with elderly citizens who are about to enroll under Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B. We provide T65 leads for all senior citizens who might be 64 years of age or 65 years of age. We provide these leads to agents in 48 states of the US. In some cases, you can even order leads from us grouped by cities.

We accept a minimum order of 20 leads – in the form of scheduled appointments, if they are T65 leads related to senior citizens 64 and 65 years of age. If you need to order leads from us, you can order these leads by territories, or by counties. Up until the point that their desired areas are available to pick, marketing agents can now choose their own desired territory for leads. If you wish to check if the territory you wish to choose is still available, you can navigate to the “Territory Review” hyperlink which is on the right side of the web page. Our experienced appointment schedulers can work with you on a daily basis to generate referral phone leads as well as to setup scheduled appointments with prospective customers.

Our appointment setters make sure that all appointments that they schedule are within 24-48 hours. We usually schedule an average of 3-4 appointment for an agent on any given day. Each of these appointments are scheduled for an average of 1-2 hours. In some cases, insurance agents order even ten appointments or 30-50 referral phone leads for a day. With our well planned pre-scheduled appointments and phone leads, you now get more time to do the thing that you do the best, which is selling! You also end up having to spend minimal time at prospecting. Instead, you simply get referrals.

Diabetic Supplies Leads

For over ten years, we have been able to generate a listing of leads related to diabetic supplies for providers working with diabetic suppliers in 48 states of the US. These leads that we provide to the suppliers are generated by our professional team. Our hi-tech call center staff members contact senior citizens and the elderly who have diabetes and have expressed interest in getting tested for diabetes. The list also includes senior citizens who are interested in managed care for diabetes or interested in receiving testing supplies for diabetes. If you are a supply company or an agency that specializes in the distribution of diabetic supplies, then we can provide you with a list of leads or prospects who have been recorded with our company. We have also already verified their name, phone number, address, city-state-zip etc. We have also asked them a list of questions based on which they were qualified for the leads listing. Through these questions, we find it if they have diabetes. We receive daily feedback from our clients. The leads list we have put together is of senior citizens who have expressed a 90% interest in talking to a supplier providing diabetic suppliers. These individuals would like to know how you can help with their diabetic needs.

New Lead Flag,Home Care Leads, Home Health Care LeadsMany marketing agents and professionals look to telemarketing concepts and leads to help augment their business. We work with marketing insurance agents as well as with companies that provide diabetic supplies. For both these groups, the target market is that of senior citizens or the elderly with special needs. We can help you achieve your sales objectives by providing you with qualified leads for your diabetic suppliers. Our leads are in the form of scheduled appointments and referral phone leads.

Order Process

Once you fill in the Territory review and express your interest about the territory you wish you choose, we check if that is still available or not. As soon as we receive the results, you will be contacted by our Account Manager. We start the process of scheduling appointments once we receive your payment. For your first order with us, we send you the first set of scheduled appointments within 7 business days. If you’re doing repeat business with us, then we send you pre-scheduled appointments within 72 hours. Our emails would be sent out between 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM CST. We send you appointments 12-48 hours before their scheduled appointment times.

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Insurance Marketing and Sales Ideas

Published on 08/25/2012 by in Marketing

6 Crazy Marketing and Sales Ideas that Make a Perfect Sense.

The term outrageous is not used to attract attention of the readers only; it is rather used because of the underlying essence of these tips. The purpose of writing this article is to draw salespersons’ attention towards those marketing ideas which were never noticed before. Nowadays our clients have become more demanding therefore it has become imperative for us to critically review our principles in order to ensure improvement. If we are to sell something, we need to make ourselves better salesperson by following certain tips. Some instances are as follows.

1.      Be collaborative instead of talking high

We must not brag very high about our products. We only need to describe our products and services normally. Orthodox businessmen always motivate us to prepare a boosting speech, so that we repeat the exact speech in front of every client.

But this type of speech is not that good, because it is mainly used for the description of company itself and not for the benefit of clients. Its orientation is not right.

We only require conducting a well-organized talk with our clients to help them solve their problems in order to win their trust. The positive discussion helps us as well as our client to move in a right direction. This shift of focus from company’s interest to clients’ interest will surely increase the products’ sales.

2.      No proposals

 Secondly, we must give away the idea of presenting proposals for the exact planning of our tasks ahead. Instead we should invoke discussion and then organize some points through collaborative efforts of all company employees. All people would agree on these up to date and accepted points. So these basic ideas would then form the basis of your company’s success.

 3.      Leave behind your selling

Salesmen are not able to sell enough, because instead of asking about the clients’ needs, they just present their products to their clients. As a result, the clients reject their products.

The success of the renowned companies is based on the principle of collaborative communication with their clients. They provide excellent services to their clients, even if they are buying some low-price product.

4.      Avoid making calls for sales

 We must make disturbing calls to customers for our product sale. Many clients don’t like this method of imposition.

For instance, if we attend that call, the salesperson immediately asks for a meeting for their product sale. They don’t even bother to ask about our needs or desires. In fact, such salespersons employ these useless methods to attract the people, but instead they waste their precious time and services, as this technique has become outdated now. We need to present our best skills instead of our products these days.

 5.      Help and then sale

We usually think that sales are important only for our company, but it is also true for the customers, as they buy at the risk of their money. So they demand complete surety about the product they are buying. Every businessman is aware of this situation, and it will remain the same. It means we may need to give free things at first for marketing.

It’s the time to review your strategies. You have to change your behavior to gain the confidence of your clients. For instance, you have to offer free product to a client for specific time, if they show hesitation in buying the given product. It will surely develop a bond between you and your client.

But if you find it difficult or impossible then you have to devise some techniques to overcome the barriers.

6.      Support your clients

Clients are usually neglected in this era of companies’ own publicity. But if focus is on getting healthy recognition, then sales will definitely be high. One strategy is to nominate a client for some prize. It is just to take a healthy start of your business, and to assure the clients about your customer caring attitude. You can also publish the success story of your client in some recognized journal. As a result, your own company becomes valuable for clients.

The above mentioned six ideas do not meant for the negation of any past marketing principles. They are just to act differently, to get serious attention of the people.

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Reason for the Struggle of Most of the Agents

Published on 07/14/2011 by in Marketing

 Why Agents Struggle?

All insurance service providers, financial supervisors and financial plan designers should consider three most important things for their substantial success and sales in insurance and financial fields.

  • To yield the consistent, right and excellent quality sales enhancement…
  • To convert these perfect sales enhancements into excellent quality sales meetings…
  • To turn these meetings into constant profit generating sales…

It is initiated with yield of consistent, right and excellent quality sales enhancements!
And, unluckily this is the area which creates problems for almost all of the insurance service providers, financial supervisors and financial service providers!

The problem lies with the false training of many supervisors, agents and plan designers. It teaches them the techniques of getting rich quickly that insurance and services sale is only the matter of numbers. According to them, the meetings with many people will enhance their sale. This can be correct on technical terms.

Many financial supervisors, service providers and plan designers are taught that insurance and services sales are only the matter of numbers. So, this false-oriented training is shifting their focus from generating high quality sales towards high quantity sales. This wrong quest wastes a lot of their money and time. And, they get worried at disappointing results in the end!

Do not chase the false ideals…

You must stop following the false ideals, for your success in this business and higher sales. 86% of insurance service providers fail in their business in just 5 years, as they chase false ideals. That’s why, the insurance service providers, financial supervisors and plan designers earn less than $45000 in one year!

Hence, as opposed to the suggestions of companies selling leads or lead systems, the following fact has been proved…

You can’t get success and high sales overnight!
As sales is not a magic or a game!
Suppose, you get a lot of leads. But, they won’t matter if you would not be able to turn these enhancements into consistent excellent quality sales meetings and then high profit generating sales!

It all depends on you! You can go on believing in overnight success or magic games. But this will fall you among 90% of failed businessmen. Or, you can go for the principles of generating high quality profit sales!

You must learn the following things for high sales.

  • To yield the consistent, right and excellent quality sales leads… for your specialized qualities, skills and suitable market placement!

So, when you have consistent right outlook for your special product with appropriate sales instruments and guidance, then you will learn the following tips to:

  • Constantly convert 9 out of 10 of these perfect sales enhancements into excellent quality sales meetings…
  •  Constantly turn 9 out of 10 of these meetings into constant profit generating sales…

If you lack the skills for converting the leads into high quality meetings and then sales, then these leads are of no use for your business. So, you surely need to hire the services of some training company to provide you perfect guidance and training. You can trust our company for this purpose!

Yes, you can arrange meetings for closure of 9 out of 10 of your sales with perfect future outlooks!

You need to get training in locating the problem of your client, and then proposing necessary solutions. Your prospects must see you as their well-wisher and dependable financial service provider. Arrangement of meetings and then sales doesn’t depend upon your personal qualification and company profits, it totally depends on your prospects and the advantages they gain during their meeting with you. So, you have to ask appropriate questions from your clients that can help you to seek information about their needs and desires. After locating their needs, you can put forward the most irresistible offer in front of them. This procedure will ensure the high quality sales.

So, these meetings will eventually help to boost your market value. You just need to locate the problem of the client and then give the appropriate solutions during the meeting!

If you find that they don’t have any problem…

Then why they arranged meeting with you?
That’s why; about 30 of the much renowned companies and thousands of the famous supervisors greatly suggest our insurance service and training. Because, our guidance surely works. And, we gave the guarantee!

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Marketing Ideas for Insurance Companies

Published on 06/14/2010 by in Marketing

Not many of us know that banana industry in United States of America was once about to die completely.

The most commonly used banana in early twentieth Century was the Gross Michel Banana. But today around ninety nine percent bananas in USA are the Cavendish Bananas. Were they tastier than the Michel bananas? Were they easier to ship or travel? Did they have an easy access in all parts of America? The answer to all these questions is shockingly in negative. They were less tasty rather blander, difficult to grow and more fragile. They only replaced the famous Gros Michel because they were resistant to the blight. The whole country took many years to accept that from then to onwards, they had to have only one type of bananas. But it happened. An apparently impossible thing happened and today the whole America dotes on one type only, the blander and less tasty Cavendish Bananas.

Similar is the situation with the Insurance industry. The insurance agents are suffering somewhere near the bottom in the index of trust.  They are the least trusted people of the United States of America. The situation of insurance companies is getting worse day by day. But there is still a silver lining in the dark clouds.  A recent survey tells that around 93% of Americans believe that getting themselves insured for their loved ones is the best gift for them but only half of them have actually bought the policies. The rest are still in state of confusion whether to trust the insurance agents or not. For them insurance is important, but insurance agents are not trust worthy and this is the sole reason for the decline in the insurance industry.

Let’s go back to the banana industry in America. What made a simple thing popular among the mass? The answer is right kind of portrayal of the Cavendish Bananas through media and text books. Instead of apples, the importance of Bananas was being introduced in the nursery rhymes. More credible sources shook hand with Banana Industry and together they ventured to launch the only option for Americans. When American found no other option after the extinction of Gros Michel, they started having the Cavendish and relished it like anything. There was increased stress on using bananas with cereals. Doctors were hired who prescribed bananas for good health. The use of trustworthy partners with the falling industry did it all for them. And same is the need of the hour for Insurance Industry.

The industry must shake hands with the interested third parties who enjoy good credibility in the society. The aim of an insurance agent should not only be selling his product but helping the dependents of a deceased person. If this concept is transferred to the minds of the potential clients that insurance is for their own good, and not for the good of insurance agent only, the insurance industry will see a rise again. By combining with the community workers and organizations, the benefits of child care, health, old age care, residence and traveling companies, the insurance companies can be better in their approach of healing the society.  The benefits which are directed towards the betterment of the nation are far more effective. The humanity is suffering all around the country. There are poor who need charity. There are senior citizens who need care and companionship. There are children who need education and grooming. There are women who need favorable medical facilities. The insurance companies can have a good deal of role for these people. And if these words are spoken by the popular media men, clergy, politicians and social workers, the industry will have the sunny days again.

The name can be rectified by proper advertisement and things can get better only if the portrayal of insurance companies get better.  There is no blinking the fact that, even today, insurance is in popular demand. There is nothing wrong with the ultimate goal behind the insurance concept.  The only thing which is wrong is the inability to promote the right kind of products for the right purpose and people at the right time. It is high time that we start realizing that insurance industry is in a great peril. We need to change the repute lest it should die completely. It may sound difficult, but it is not impossible as was the case of banana industry.

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Medicare Insurance Limits

Published on 02/23/2009 by in Marketing

The economic crunch and failing economy in America has provoked the people in government to work for the issue.

Ways are being discovered to cut down the budget deficit of the country. Methods are devised to solve the rising issue of financial crises faced by different institutions of the government. Whenever there is discussion on how to solve issues related to economic decline, the Medicare is most discussed topic among the experts. It is estimated by a group of people in the country that by reducing Medicare supplemental plans, the budget deficit can be removed. It can be done by limiting the coverage of deductibles which are offered through these programs. It is also believed that Medicare has done more harm to the financial system of the country instead of providing favors. However the extent of this harm is different according to different schools of thought. Many people are still of the view that Medicare is one of the best government assisted insurance plans for the welfare of the American citizens.

This debate has been in process since very long. Those who believe that Medicare is the best plan ever; propose its sustenance and extension in the next budget. However those who believe that it has stung the economy of America badly are of the view that coverage should be restricted so that new and better reforms could be introduced. If we look into the depth of this matter, we’ll come to know that out of many proposals that affect this policy, not all will be useful for the beneficiaries. Therefore a proper plan must be formed in order to get complete advantage of changing or disturbing the existing Medicare.

It is argued that by limiting the amount of deductibles, the American Government can save up to five billion USD per annul. But this will have a devastating effect on the middle class or the working class for whom medical will become a far-fetched dream. In order to save money, they would likely not to go to physician at all. It eventually will affect the thousands of Americans who need patronization by the government in healthcare. Unfortunately those who favor the proposition are of the view that by restricting the deductibles, the government can prevent the undue and unnecessary trips of the people to the physicians. It will save the time of the physicians for the deserving patients.

The possibility of the change in Medicare is out of question. But there have always been debates on this issue. It has as many opponents as there are the champions of this cause. Only time would tell what the future of Medicare will be, amidst all this noise against it. Medicare has been an extremely useful program in the past but if there are some suggestions to change this program for the favor of nation and its economic uplift, these suggestions must not go unnoticed. Because today the American economy is on the verge of collapse and if any suggestion comes in order to save the deficits, it must not be rejected without any reason.

We have gone into details of all the voices which are rising about Medicare so that the customers may remain up-to-date with the changes that has affected your life in the past or might affect it in the future. Our purpose is to utilize the program completely by giving you guidelines about how to have a Medicare supplement and what is the right way to shop for the Medicare drugs. By all this information, we keep you informed completely. Similarly if there are some voices about the program at higher level, it is our duty too to keep you known about it.

It is a well-known fact now that few government programs have been under great pressure during the formulation of fiscal policy. The Medicare is one of these programs. People have tried to change this program so that the financial budget deficit can be reduced and all the issues originating from this deficit can be rectified. In the past the part B of the Medicare plan has come under severe criticism. It had also undergone changes in its premium rates depending upon the earning of an individual. We predict that such changes might take place with part C of the plan as well. It is possible that changes might occur to accommodate the new users who are being affected by the baby boomers or the old citizens who have crossed sixty years of their life.

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More About Medigap

Published on 08/23/2008 by in Marketing

Medigap plans are the supplemental plans which can be chosen in order to fill in the gaps left by Medicare.

New Lead FlagThese are different than the Medicare plan as they provide an insurance plan during a foreign trip. There are 12 types of the Medigap plans out of which around six cover the emergency healthcare during a foreign trip. The other six do not provide this option. This facility is not offered by any other government-assisted insurance program.

The Medigap plans which are the supplemental plans provide an emergency care if you are outside the United States of America. With a meager amount of 250 USD as deductible per year in the first two months of your stay outside America, it provides everything which is needed for the health care. This amount is not a big amount and this fact can be tested by thinking about all the health related expense during your trip. Then make a comparison of your total expense and the deductible of supplemental programs. You’ll find it absolutely less expensive and more effective and this is the best feature of these supplemental programs. But it must be mentioned here that not all the plans have foreign trip insurance. Only half of these plans deal with the foreign trip health insurance. It is better to research all the services which are offered by certain plans before you get any.

In the coming years, there is a possible change in the Medicare policies with the healthcare reform. Before getting any of the policy of Medicare, it is very important that you have a look at the future prospects of these plans. Those citizens who are going to be eligible for this policy after some time will be greatly affected by the coming healthcare reform and this change will be for the betterment of the consumers and citizens.

In the few past years, this insurance plan has seen a magnificent change in its application. Earlier it used to pay for only eighty percent of the visits to doctors. And the rest of the twenty percent used to be paid by citizens. But now in order to eradicate the sources of diseases completely from America, the plan has been changed. Medicare now pays cent percent of the visits to the doctor. However it must not be forgotten here that for diagnosis and treatment, you still have to pay twenty percent. Bu the reason to make the trips to physician free of cost is that a person should never hesitate to get himself checked by the doctor due to fear of cost of physician.

It is a notable thing that Obama’s administration has announced an implementation of surcharge on Medicare supplement plans. It is to be presented in 2013 and if by any chance if it is passed, it will come into action in 2017. This surcharge will not be for those who already are a part of Medicare but for everybody else, the elimination of first-dollar will work. It is very important for you to know this. And since we have taken the responsibility to keep you informed everything about Medicare and Medicaid, we have observed our promise.

Note down that you cannot be excluded by the company if you are eligible by the Medicare and working in a health insurance company. You can get all the coverage from Medicare but it is important that Medicare knows about it otherwise you may have a penalty by them when you actually need them. It is advisable that you should always go for the government assisted insurance program no matter you are working for a big private insurance company. The government assisted companies are more reliable and will give you more than any private company.

All the plans of Medicare supplemental program are not available in every state of United States of America. If you have any query about any of these plans and their availability, you can search our quotes on internet. We are free to guide you all about these plans. Another interesting feature of these plans is that they have 30 days trial period for which you can have a plan without paying anything up to thirty days. And after thirty days if you are not satisfied with the plan you can switch it easily.

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Financial Services and Medicare Marketing

Published on 03/14/2007 by in Marketing

Financial service industry experts have tried hard to raise the public opinion about this industry at the level of medicine or law.

High experienced professionals have changed the past scenario. Should higher educational principles be implemented to make this industry more prestigious?  

But truth is somewhat different. This industry enjoys less public respectability as compared to medicine or law. Lawyers and doctors have to pass through many years of strict education before practicing their profession. While financial industry experts only need to take some classes to clear an insurance test.

But financial security test; mainly Series 7 test, is considered extremely difficult. In fact, some high educated people of economics or business couldn’t clear the test. According to NASD estimates, only 66% candidates pass the test. This test makes you aware of professional rules regarding business and securities. These accepted standards must be practiced by a financial or insurance industry expert.

A degree program must be introduced for financial industry to win high public prestige, because education ensures professional dedication and competency. Some universities are offering this course. So product sales and client number would be increased through education and proper training of professionals. As well educated service providers have better knowledge of products, so that they can provide improved services to their clients.

Medicare Marketing

The United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) supported the rule of ACA (the Affordable Care Act) on 28th June, 2012. According to this rule, there would be punishment for people who don’t take insurance, because it is dealt under the taxing policy of Congress. So it is mandatory for all American people to take insurance, otherwise they would be strictly punished under the taxation system. Moreover, the health issues would be implemented according to the rules presented in ACA law of 2700 pages.

The SCOTUS judgment has guaranteed the further improvements in health and this surety implies good future prospects.  However, the final decision about PPACA destiny will be strengthened after the elections of November. HHS will bring many fatal changes in the coming months regarding health plans which will also materialize many constituents of law. But many health planners are of the view that existing health plans should remain implemented even after November transition in Congress or assembly.

Senior Marketers: According to health plan experts, a good health plan must be able to predict the future prospects of market change. It must also be ready to implement certain tactics and strategies to carry out the plan effectively. It should identify, define and act on effective strategies:

  • Present Customers: The plans must be specified and smartly executed to strengthen the relationships with the old customers as per market demands and products sale. So, the demands and needs of the present customers must be given foremost importance. The most useful customers must be identified for the successful execution of a certain plan. This will ensure the start of increased marketing in 2012.
  • Growth Prospects:  ACA is planning to meet the demands of 30 million more customers in the whole country. 24 million customers will experience a new world of aka Exchange while 16 million people will be the new Medicaid customers. It is the quality of plan which predicts the needs of market as well as the customers. These demands can be of regarding their attitudes, behaviors or demographics. So, it is an excellent way to enhance the number of customers for the growth of the company and products sale.

HHS Exchanges

Most expectantly, the State or HHS Exchanges will develop their online systems for the open membership in 2013 autumn. Moreover, the additional benefits will be activated in the start of 2014. The time till then is not sufficient to get prepared. So, it is necessary for the success of every marketer of health insurance industry to improve his marketing value in the time provided till launch.

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Internet Leads vs. Scheduled Appointment

Published on 04/04/2006 by in Marketing

Understand what internet insurance leads are and scheduled appointments. According to our latest reviews the categorization is simple.

There are two types of internet leads, first, those who are ‘exclusive’ and are sold to only one insurance agent. Second, those who are ‘shared’ which mean that up to five insurance agents can have them simultaneously. Either exclusive or shared, the percentage of selling a product to them depends upon the right insurance marketing.

There are various ‘insurance lead programs’ which are working to create for you the potential clients. They display information about your products and goods and capture the potential leads on their web sites. And for this service they charge you a reasonable amount.  These lead generating programs are particularly useful for those agents whose business mainly run on the internet, most of them are health insurance or car insurance agents. Such agents, who might not have any office in real but are in contact with the people all over the country, are the real consumers of this online service. As prevention is better than cure, it is important for these clients to verify the authenticity of such web sites before placing order. It is always wise to cross check a site and compare it with other contemporary web sites in order to omit any shadow of doubt.

General Lines and Medicare Agents

It is interesting to know that people look for those insurance agents who specialize in their particular discipline. For instance, instead of any general insurance agent, an old man would be interested in the agent who solely deals with the senior citizens insurance. If you or your company offers various types of insurance products, it is wise for you to go for the ‘biographical program of creating leads’. This service displays every detail of your product on its web site and captivates the potential candidates.  After having the exclusive leads, you can easily interact with them. More candid interaction will eventually result in a more loyal relationship between you and your client.

It is hard to label a lead as good or bad because your good marketing can even turn a bad lead into an effective buyer and vice versa. Yet one thing must be kept in mind, getting a lead from an internet source is easy but it will not remain useful if you waste too much time before contacting him/her. Do not forget that internet is a fast network and even your exclusive client can turn into a shared one in another web site. Therefore never take too long to contact your potential customer lest you should miss him and a good opportunity to sell your product.

Right Marketing Approach

In insurance the aim should not be selling your goods as it is in all other businesses. It is different because its aim should be to advertise the right product (policy) to the right person instead of raising your number of sale. Those agents, whose only target is to sell their insurance products, are actually tarnishing the image of all insurance agents. If you look at selling your products only, you will neglect all the ethical considerations of business. You don’t have to fool a client rather you need to win him. Tell the details in a truthful but effective manner and leave the rest on the will of the client. If your words are effective enough, the client will come to you automatically. And once you’ve won your client’s heart, it is almost unlikely that you lose him in the way.

Remember you need to be a savior of people who might fall in financial crises. You have to act as a good adviser and a good consultant for their monetary issues. You are telling about the products because it is in their good and not for your benefit. If once this realization is settled in the minds of your clients that you always wish good for them, they’ll be yours for good. Consider all your clients as your relatives, friends and people that you cannot think of. This feeling about your clients will give you an eternal satisfaction with your profession. It is better to lose a client and miss a chance to sell him your products than misguiding and fooling him to buy it on wrong foundations. In a nutshell, Insurance agents must be the well-wishers rather than the selfish people who want a rise in their sales only.

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